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  1. Hey everyone, I would really use some help!! I know this might seem like a common question, but upon hours of search I cannot find a solution. A few things beforehand: 1) I just installed windows 7 via bootcamp 2) I have a Seagate goflex desk 1TB that I use to store files on OSX and use it as a time machine with no problem. It has two partitions. 3) I have a 2.1 intel duo core macbook So I used my seagate HDD to store some big files that I wanted to transfer to windows 7. When I plugged the HDD in, the device was recognized by windows, but I would not access it in any way. So I went to "administrative tools" -> "disk management" to see what's going on. The HDD was there, but the contents were under one big unpartitioned block. For some reason decided to right click "format to MBR" or "GPT", not sure which one. The HDD still couldn't be accessed. But when I went back to OSX, the HDD couldn't be mounted at all. Plus the name of partition became "disk1s1". When I go back to try "format to _____" (whichever one I didn't do first), it still doesn't work on OSX or windows 7. So now I basically have a 1TB HDD full of photos that can't be accessed through windows 7 or OSX.... Someone please help!!! Thanks a lot!