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  1. Solved. Add a new user account with Administrator privileges, install Photoshop under it, then remove the account. Its a rare Leopard bug, not a hackintosh bug.
  2. I have a vanilla Snow Leopard 10.6.3 machine, based on Gigabyte 965P-DS3 Mainboard and Core2Duo CPU. Used BootThink 2.4.6 with these extensions to install and run the system. Everything works great, except the Photoshop CS4 installation. When I try to install Photoshop CS4 Trial downloaded from adobe.com I get the following error — http://dl.dropbox.com/u/175767/Trash/install_error.png The dmg is not damaged, passes verification and I can easily install Photoshop on my Macbook using it. I have tried Mac CS4 Cleanup Utility from Adobe, to cleanup the system, but it didn't help. Any ideas what can be causing the problem and how to solve it?
  3. Just checked, the file is on the server. I'll reupload it somewhere this evening (in like 8 hours). Its time to make 1053 virginizer btw )
  4. [How To] 5.1 Surround Sound

    Is there a way to do the Speaker Fill, like in vista, so that two channel sound is distributed through 5.1 system? Thats the only thing i`m really missing.
  5. I just switched to 8800Gt, and got it working easily on my 10.5.2 rig with NVinjectV33 installer. The only things that do not work are shutdown, restart and sleep. It did work on my 7800. I tried Punk's nvinject and Natit also, but still no luck. Anyone has a solution for this? Also, does anyone have shutdown and restart woking on a G92 8800GT? P.S. I`m running Kalyway distro on a DS3 and MSI 8800GT.
  6. Kalyway + 8800GT problems (EDIT: resolved!)

    Thank you, it worked! I feel lame, now. Mostly because I didn't find that myself during hours of reading.
  7. Just installed a fresh copy of Kalyway, virginized it and updated to 10.5.2. Then I installed the latest NVInject v33 and inserted my MSI 8800GT 512Mb card. The system boots, but I have noticable lags when dragging icons and windows. Also, when I try to change the resolution, the system just hangs, leaving me with a blue screen. The only working resoluton is a native 1920x1200 on my Dell 24". The rig is based on a DS3 Mobo. Natit seems to give the same symptoms. I tried 7800GTX card and everything works perfectly. Any suggestions now to make 8800GT work? Iv'e read all I could find on a forum. Seems like noone is experiencing these problems.
  8. ced1610, just reinstall your language pack from the install dvd. This is a known bug for this release.
  9. Al-Baby, I'm not forcing anyone to use my patch. I'm just giving people an option. And there are enough success stories in this thread, I think. It just does what its supposed to do. Though I admit, I'm not a programmer myself. And people use it at their own risk. As any hacked distro or patch at this forum actually
  10. 00Diabolic, I'm glad I could help Seems like kaly really changed some internals. I only found one difference by now - long press of F12 does not open cd tray.
  11. AndyMS, thanks. It seems like we already settled everything with Kaly and Dune. Kaly even made his own patch to get the icons and dock back, which is only 20 megs (he knew better then me what to replace), so no need to be rude to them
  12. 00Diabolic, thats what inside his patch: Try copying these files to the installation that works for you and fix ownership/permissions. But I doubt this would help. Lets wait for kaly to say something. Actually, you'd better create a new topic for this.
  13. 00Diabolic, this question should go to the release thread, as to me. I'm not sure Kaly will see it here.
  14. gabrigee, welcome. I'm happy more people find my small work usefull.
  15. Dune31, gabrigee, I used CoreServices from default apple install on my fully upgraded Mac Book Pro, not from the installation disc. Otherwise the system and finder version would have changed to 10.5. It's still 10.5.1 in "About this mac". kaly and Dune 31, thanks for your patch! You've made a lot of people happier.