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  1. I found the nerves to update my 10.6.3 to 10.6.5 and it all went well Mac OS really runs nicely on the EeeBOX 202, till I found out Bonjour doesn't work. This makes home sharing in iTunes unusable (and you can't add printers with Bonjour) So I started looking for a fix and I found one, right here: Guide with Bonjour fix look under troubleshooting, point 5 Hope this helps some people
  2. Pairing the apple wireless keyboard did not work, but when I changed the Kensignton 33348 (although this one should work with Mac) for the Kensignton micro model 33902 and tried a few times, I finally got it connected. Now My Mac OS 1.6.3 has an firmware update for the aluminium Keyboard (so maybe that was the problem all along) Happy now, got Mac OS 10.6.3 working on my EeeBox 202 with BT mouse and apple wireless keyboard using dvi to vga. Thanks for your guide. PS: I don't have the nerves for the 10.6.5 update
  3. The boot problem could have been caused by grub in MBR from previous Linux install, so I fixed that with "dd if=/dev/null of=/dev/rdisk0 bs=446 count=1" Then I installed as in your guide but not with 10.6.5, I used 10.6.3 and your 10.6.3 patch. This time all works as it should. Now I'm trying to connect my apple BT keyboard to my Kensington BT adapter model 33348, but doesn't want to. I got My Logitech BT mouse model Z855 connected without any problem
  4. Hi, I also got the USB problem on My EeeBox 202 I installed OS X 10.6 from disk as described in your guide. All works I can boot into to the system with the boot CD (on usb stick). Then I downloaded the combo 10.6.5 from the internet, installed and left window open. I downloaded your package and installed it. Pressed the power button as indicated on the screen. But when I put power back on, it doesn't boot. When I your boot cd and choose my HD to boot from, the system boots into main screen, but non of my USB devices work. When I booted again I with your boot CD, I choose the verbose option and I could clearly see the system is unable to load USB.