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  1. I deleted away all the EFI, copy the whole of your EFI for 10.12.6, reinstall clover r4097(I can't get a copy of the r4081). and it works now.... I have absolutely no ideal what went wrong.... but it is ok now. Many Thanks!!!!!!
  2. will try again. tried but cannot.
  3. No, It can't detect the Nvme in the config.plist, so I can't create the kext.... Which clover version do you use?
  4. Yes, I used the patch for 10.12.6 in the config.plist, but still can't see the Nvme. I'm using Clover v4184, could it be the issue? I have update using the 17 patches since 10.12.2, it works till 10.12.4.... I did not upgrade to 10.12.5, but straight from 10.12.4 to 10.12.6.... Now I'm using a Sandisk Extreme 480Gb SSD, can't detect any Nvme....
  5. I was running on 10.12.4 on 960 Pro, I update from 10.12.4 to 10.12.6 and all of a sudden it can't detect any nvme..... not even with patches in config.plist.......
  6. Following Mork vom Ork's steps in post #8, using R.Alpha's IONVMeFamily.kext. All work perfectly! Big Thank to Mori and R.Alpha!!!