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  1. Lineage 2

    The idea behind the protection is to keep people from botting or running multiple clients on the same pc. You might want to email ncsoft and ask them or post on the l2 forums. If you are trying to play a private server, ask there.
  2. Mac OS X 10.6

    ea is the only new one.
  3. Has burning in Leo been rectified?

    I had a problem where it gave me an error, to fix it just make a bold folder and do it anyways.
  4. Hacking Leopard GUI

    thanks, it is pretty cool.
  5. Hacking Leopard GUI

    I can't get leopard final to change.
  6. Office 2004 Setup Assistant Hanging

    try office 2008?
  7. Can anyone confirm if 9a581 is the Retail Disc?

    I think apple just isn't concerned with piracy, if you are going to pirate it, you are going to do it, and anything they put in you will also be willing to circumvent.
  8. people where putting the dev builds on g3 macs.
  9. 2 Days/7 Hours/54 Minutes

    dual layer dvd is the safest most awesome route.
  10. Will you use 2D or 3D dock on bottom?

    I am using the 2d dock but plan to switch to 3d when I get used to more things.
  11. Does CS3 Work Yet?

    Well when i played in the wwdc build and after I duplicated my partition and upgraded it. So I already had it installed, now the install finished then gives me an error.
  12. Does CS3 Work Yet?

    I still couldn't get it to install.
  13. is this different than the last leaked build though?
  14. I am unzipping it and it is taking forever.
  15. since this is the gm, it should work with updates right?