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  1. R9 390 0C temperature in OS X

    I'm in the same situation but I have an R9 380 (Tonga/Antigua Pro chip, I think). Don't have any temp readings in HWSensors. I'm using the latest Rehabman fakesmc and plugins build downloaded from here: https://bitbucket.org/RehabMan/os-x-fakesmc-kozlek/downloads I´m also on Yosemite 10.10.5 .
  2. Hello Duran Keeley! Yes, according to the info on the topic, I installed my trial of the cs6 suite, and then ran the Adobe Application Manager to update the software. When it ended updating, Photoshop still crashed with MMXcore.plugin. But, the thing is, I went to check the Photoshop cs6 version and it had 13.0 x64 in it. And I went on to Adobe's site and found out that there are already more updated versions, like 13.0.4 or 13.1.2. So I don't know why the App Manager was reporting my software as fully updated, that was probably the problem. I also tried downloading the 13.0.4 update for mac, for manual install and it didn't let me install the update, said it wasn't for my version of Photoshop (?). Anyway yeah, I'm going to try and do a reinstall, and see if I can update it to the newest version. Thank you for the heads up! Cheers! Update: I confirm your statement, Duran Keeley. I reinstalled, created new trial registration, and manually updated to 13.0.5, and Photoshop cs6 is working out of the box.
  3. AMD Mac OS X Snow Leopard? Apps?

    10.7.5? That's excellent! Which iMac model have you configured it to? 12,2 ? Could you tell me also exactly what kernel are you using? Cheers!
  4. AMD Mac OS X Snow Leopard? Apps?

    What exactly did you change? For me to try too! I have experimented changing my smbios too, but didn't do anything here. I probably even tried it from reading the same thread as you did. My gpu is also an HD5770. Cheers. (Oh but you're running 10.7.4, is that correct? If yes, then that explains it.)
  5. AMD Mac OS X Snow Leopard? Apps?

    Try to boot in x86_64 and check the mov files again. I've had some h264 encoded mov files working without corruption and others have corruption either way. :/
  6. Hey BaSsie86, I'm glad I could help! I did further testing and I was wrong on my previous post. Perian doesn't have anything to do with it, sorry for the misconception. What does affect the video corruption is the kernel and 32-bit/64-bit modes. So my results were: 10.7.4 - 64 bit kernel mode - mov videos are OK, Quicktime player and thumbnails/preview play without corruption; mp4/h264 videos corrupted in thumbnail/preview and in Quicktime. * 10.7.4 - 32 bit kernel mode - mov videos are OK on Quicktime but not in thumbnails or preview; mp4/h264 videos corrupted in thumbnail and Quicktime. 10.7.5 - 64 bit kernel mode - mov videos are OK, Quicktime player and thumbnails/preview play without corruption; mp4/h264 videos corrupted in thumbnail/preview and in Quicktime. [same as with 10.7.4] * 10.7.5 - 32 bit kernel mode - mov videos corrupted on Quicktime player and on preview; mp4/h264 videos also corrupted in previews and Quicktime, only the most common codecs work without corruption in previews/Quicktime. So, 64 bit kernel mode is definitely better for overall video compatibility, although some h264 videos will always be corrupted under Quicktime and thumbnail/previews. But it will bring the Opengl graphical bugs back, so no 3d gaming on 64 bit kernel mode. One has to choose. As far as I'm concerned, 64-bit kernel mode seems to be the solution since I'm not using this machine for any gaming, for that I have my Windows7 machine. *Also, the video file extensions can be changed from mp4 to m4v or avi or mkv to fix the thumbnail/preview. We just have to avoid using Quicktime on those files. Any 3rd party player, like Movist or VLC or MediaplayerX works 100%, so no problem at all! And this is enough troubleshooting for me, I'm happy now with my system since everything is "workaroundable". Thanks everyone for their info and help, I couldn't have figured this out with the testing already made by clemj06, theconnactic, ptp, etc, around pages 44 to 60. Cheers!
  7. Hello BaSsie86 ! Yes, I figured it wasn't just me. :/ H264 decoding always had a problem with AMD's in Hackintoshes. But I found out some other stuff. Perian seems to affect it, and I'm still testing some further stuff, but this might be fixable by not installing Perian. Do you have Perian installed? I rolled back, formatted the drive and reinstalled Lion, but this time didn't update to 10.7.5, I remained in 10.7.4. As soon as I tested Quicktime the problem was gone. Even thumbnails were working alright! I then installed Perian, and again, I had the same corruption in videos. So I'm going to try now doing a clean install of 10.7.5 and test Quicktime as soon as I can without installing Perian, because now I uninstalled it but the video corruption continues. For this, boot with arch=i386 flag and use Chameleon 2.1 - r2069. It worked for me! Then test with Opengl Extensions Viewer. Good luck!
  8. Hey there! My video card is an ATI 5770 (vervet framebuffer), and my cpu is an AMD Phenom II 955. My mobo is an Asus M4A79XTD-EVO. Yes, I can run DVD player no problem, and video works fine with 3rd party players like VLC. The problem resides in the native decoding of H264 encoded videos, when I try to play them on quicktime or preview them in finder they get that green pixel corruption. Other types of codecs play without artifacts. And this happens in 32/64 bit kernel mode, with every kernel that I tried from Bronzovka. I remember that on my previous hackintosh system with Snow Leopard, I had to patch the binaries also because of problems with H264 decoding, but in that environment, the videos actually crashed finder and quicklookd, so it was worse - I had to patch the binaries AND strip the x86_64 code from finder and quick look, so they wouldn't crash. One thing I found, that might be of help for someone who might have the same problem as me, you can trick the system into thinking it is another codec by changing the extension, for instance, with a *.mov video if you change to *.mkv (or any other type of container) it will fix the green thumbnail and finder preview artifacts, since the system stops trying to use H264 decoding. BUT, if I play the same video on Quicktime I get the same green pixelized artifacts. I'm considering using amd_insn_patcher on Quicktime components, as I did on Snow Leopard, just to see if it's even remotely related. BaSsie86 could you try playing a H264 video in Quicktime? Cheers!
  9. Does anyone know how can I fix the issue with the green/square video corruption in quicklook and quicktime? Videos play fine on other players and whatnot, but on quicktime and finder preview they are all corrupted and green, just as someone posted here, a few pages back. But I searched further and found no fix. Anyway to solve this? This happens with arch=i386/x86_64, mach_kernel rc7 to rc15, or even running quicktime in 32/64 bit mode, same results. I also tried editing smbios to no avail, nothing changed. Bassie86 I think that your problem is related to the kernel. I also had the same problem with my video card. You can fix that with arch=i386, booting in 32-bit kernel mode (and 64bit user land). With that said, I'm having success with the games I tried so far on my build. Just that problem with quicktime video remains. Cheers.
  10. Hah! Spot on. I had tried using an AppleATIATA.kext from my previous Snow Leopard installation, installing it to Lion's Extra folder, but it wasn't working. I tried now installing it on S/L/E and it worked! Thank you!
  11. Greetings. I've been setting up an AMD Hackintosh with Lion 10.7.5, and I'm unable to make my internal optical drive (cd/dvd) recognized. I previously had a Snow Leopard 10.6.8 installation on this same PC, which ran successfully for more than 2 years. Now, I have to say I'm impressed with the evolution of the 'amd hackintosh' scene, I was impressed by the ease I had installing Lion 10.7.5. I used myHack to create the bootable USB install and used Bronzovka's mach_rc13 kernel for it to boot, and I installed Lion without a hitch! I'm also booting into Lion successfully, graphics are apparently working correctly with QE/CI, Ethernet, USB ports. It even reads my motherboard and gfx sensors correctly almost out of the box! Such thing gave me major headaches on Snow Leopard. Anyway, my cd/dvd drive is the only thing so far that is not being recognized. I tried searching for any info regarding this: I found that some people had this problem in Mountain Lion, and the workaround was to use Lion's IOAHCIFamily.kext and AppleAHCIPort.kext. Don't know if it is related to my problem or not. I experimented with #####'s 3rd Party Sata, IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector, JMicron36x ATA but nothing made my optical drive work. Any thoughts? My specs are: Mobo: Asus M4A79XTD evo CPU: Phenom II x4 955 GFX: ATI 5770 Optical drive is an IDE Philips dvd/rw, and the hard drives are all sata 3gb. Thank you guys for all the available tutorials and general valuable info, and thank you Bronzovka, Nawcom, AnV, etc, for the work put into these awesome kernels.
  12. Bumping this thread for interest. I have the same problem and am also in search of some solutions.
  13. Legacy kernel 10.7.0 with custom dyld

    Thank you for the clarification. I have been using nawcoms 10.7.0 legacy kernel in my PhenomII and I'm quite happy with '64bit userland'. What's the difference between your kernel with custom dyld and the one I'm using, if I may ask?
  14. Legacy kernel 10.7.0 with custom dyld

    Is there a way to have 64 bit kernel? Does it bring any advantage over '64bit userland' ?
  15. [AMD] 10.6.8 Guide - written by Devout

    Obrigado, valeu. ^^