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  1. nobody to help me ?.. i am stucked with the ghost display (which i dont have ) and whatever changes i make with <org.chemeleon.boot.plist' no effect..
  2. thank you mate..but it didnt solve my problem..it still see that i have 2 display..and about framebuffers..i dont really know which one is exactly matches my graphic card..and i dont have any idea how to edit framebuffer if i buy and use a dvi to vga adapter..and i get output from dvi to my monitor's vga..would it solve the problem ?..
  3. i have a ati hd4650 vga out..i am using Lion 10.7.2..everything works great..the onle problem is osx thinks i have 2 display altough i have just 1 display via vga out.. i tried graphics enabler both yes and no.. its still the same.. i tried different framebuffers..no solution.. help me please..any idea ?