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  1. Hi after installing Win8 dev prev I had to reinstall Grub and it even found osx86. Now I always booted with -f -v but the osx loader has gone somewhere... How could I add those flags to boot with Grub2? Many thanks
  2. Hi any easy ways to move a xcode project over to qtcreator or eclipse? Thanks
  3. hi search in xcode returns 2 results but grep -R returns a huge lot. Another xcode bug or what? i've set search project etc. Thanks
  4. Hi I've added some libs to "external frameworks & libs" in Xcode. Now while compiling it says to not find -L path/is/wrong So how to adjust the -L path for linking in xcode? Are there any differences between libs and framworks? I have to compile it later also on Linux, so thanks for help. Regards Michael
  5. derda

    faceview hardware?

    Hi I wonder how the new faceview: FACEVIEW works. Ie. how is the face in front of the phone been captured? There's only a cam on the backside? Thanks
  6. Thanks but I got an error with your script. Anyway this below works and is more simple: wherami=$(dirname "${0}") cp "${wherami}/${nameOfTheFileToCopy}" "${wherami}/"../blal/bllb/
  7. derda

    For the Love of Flash! (Update)

    bricoleurs...do-it-yourselfer...and i maen Apple
  8. it seems that I need to cut off with a regex all after the last / from $0 as the path is alike: /somehwere/General Stuff/blalb/blal/ Don't have time now for Mac, maybe next week.
  9. derda

    Apple today has launched OS X Lion

    Finally with OpenGL 4.1? Will we be able to install this on a PC sooner or later?
  10. derda

    does anyone like gnome shell/ eg gnome 3

    I'm still on Ubuntu 10.04 and made gnome look alike OSX Snow Leo. I'm also running Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Wolfenstein, Tomb Raider and more with Wine.
  11. derda

    Apple today has launched OS X Lion

    quote: "today announced that Mac OS® X Lion, the eighth major release of the world’s most advanced operating system with more than 250 new features, is availabl" Haha the best only in their imagination. Hopefully they finally fixed $pwd and moved on to OpenGL 4.1...
  12. many thanks. Regards #!/bin/bash echo "" echo "Copying files" sleep 1 # 2. for each file in the current directory listing for file in `ls` do # 3. Skip it if it's a directory... if [ -d $file ] then echo $file " is a directory." else if [ "$file" = "cfile.txt" ]; then cp $file ../bl\ blbla/ccc/aaaeb/asbg cp $file ../ee/dsdfadf/asdfasdfa echo "Copying " $file sleep 1 fi if [ "$file" = "file3.ini" ]; then cp $file ../dfaf\ bdds/S6sfsdfas/sdfsf/fsfsdf echo "Copying " $file sleep 1 fi fi done
  13. didn't hear about such only knew about 100.- fee for putting in online store...another reason for android... if i develop with current xcode on my hackintosh i'd have to pay fee? dummh didn't know...maybe use Eclipse helps?
  14. 100 bucks to put ur app online...who knows if it's not special you might never get that back in....another reason for android...
  15. Thanks, but i get an error with that. "line 6 could not cd" or alike. Yes simplest to only use bash? I only need to copy alike: cp -r -v bla.txt ../Long\ Winglets/xx/plugins/b1/ any idea on how to handle $pwd difference on osx? (with a mouseclick on *.command) Regards Michael