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    Snow Leopard partition as the boot drive

    Awesome, thanks Cinner! Well i have discovered my Dell BIOS does not support changing the boot priority order, it must be on SATA port 0, which is why when SL is installed i have so much trouble selecting the 2nd SATA drive. So, my next theory is to go through the guide you linked to, get the USB setup, install SL then physically switch SATA cables so SL is in SATA port 0. SHould work in theory at least in my mind :-) Thanks again for your assistance!
  2. Good Day, OK, I completely ditched my windows 7 dual boot situation. So, only have guid partitions now, no windows, no mbr (want this desktop as a hackintosh only) Just did a clean install of Kalyway 10.5.2 on SATA drive (for the umpteenth time) Now I want to install SL onto my other SATA drive, now here are my questions. - since i just installed Kalyway is there anything i need to install bootloader wise on this partition, or just leave darwin as is? -once i install SL - do i need to set the Snow Leopard partition as the boot drive? If so, how? I think the partitioning is where I am getting confused, cuz believe me, i have been running leopard and windows for sometime without issues. But i really want Leopard and snow leopard to work on this box. I have tried every chameleon version known and after installing SL, it just never shows up for me to select - so i am missing something, somewhere. Thanks for reading and thanks for any suggestions.
  3. dragosani

    One small step for Mac

    Thanks for the input Lord. Just to clarify, is this the PC EFI 10.1 from Dr. Hurt? Can i use it? http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=183325 Thanks again, appreciate it!
  4. Ok I am racking my brain here, have used the AMD install guide and installed SL to a seperate SATA drive, have leopard and windows 7 on the other SATA drive. Using mach_kernel.test7 Installed chameleon RC 2 to SL partition as per guide instructions, when i boot up though i don't see the SL drive at all so i can't tell if it is going to boot or not. When I am in leopard or windows i can see and access the SL drive without issues. i have done so much reading its now bogged down my brain and i cannot figure out why chameleon is not loading at startup. Also copied correct boot file to replace chameleon RC 2 boot file. if anyone has any suggestions it is most certainly appreciated. if I haven;t provided enough detail let me know - just a little ancy to get this working or at least see if SL will boot. Thanks in advance
  5. Used this guide to insall SL on seperate SATA drive. have windows 7 and leopard 10.5.8 running on the other SATA drive. upon reboot I don't have the option to choose SL, it's still using my default bootloader, in fact i am so confused now not sure what its loading. I have easy bcd on windows 7 so it is loading that, does that have anything to do with it? Do i install chameleon on my leopard partition to? I should have chameleon loading at startup so i can select whatever os but its not doing that. I installed chameleon on SL as per the guide but am confused if i should install on leopard as well. Anyone? Thanks in advance and appreciate this guide.
  6. dragosani

    Front Row enabling in 10.4.8

    Awesome! Been hacking away at several of the tutorials for this with no luck at all. then i found this thread and front Row works for me now! You have to launch it from apps - then while the icon is in the dock hit enter and escape - at least that is what did it for me. thank you so much for this.
  7. dragosani

    osx primary - well almost - Man i am lovin it!

    Further research suggests that editing com.apple.boot.plist may be a solution to my startup issues - So, would editing com.apple.boot.plist and placing -f -v in permanently be a solution? Why am i only able to boot with these to switches and not normally? Just need some kinda explanation/clarification. Anyone? Thanks
  8. OK I have been running my hackintosh for a couple of weeks now and i am so impressed with this OS - it just rocks! Period! Audio works, , network works, my burner is reconized, i have Ilife 06 and iphoto is amazing. I havent even booted to my windows xp partition since - haven't had to I am so excited i am rambling sorry, anyways i do have one pressing issue that is clawing at my brain - kinda... I have titan and QE/CI are both supported (nvidia 7800gtx) i used the default titan drivers from the install dvd. The only thing i am still finding is if i reboot or shut off - i still get a black screen and or the blue screen with the large arrow at the top left of the screen - i then have to power off and then enter -f -v to boot up osx and then everything rocks again. So have i missed something? Is there still work to do or is this kinda common occurance? Oh - i did go through deactivating the AGPgart.kext after getting Titan installed. and still same symptom occurs when booting up. Thanks to everyone for helping me get this far
  9. Ok Thanks for the advice. I was considering placing in the original thread - My bad. Anyways went through with it and yeah it worked for me. Have sound through subwoofer and sound is much better than before. I was worried after the first reboot after applying it though since i only got a black screen but eventually it did load to desktop - whew! Thanks again
  10. Good Day, So i have been reading the tutorial on the audio issue however, i am confused. I have a Dell Dimension 9150 and have the same Sigmatel- 9220. I installed osx86 using jas 10.4.8 and everything is working including sound. Albeit sound is hollow and have no output from subwoofer so, My question is - since I have sound will going through instructions http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=25188 allow me to get throughput from my subwoofer and will it improve the sound i currently have? Or is the instruction simply for those who have no sound at all? And should i just leave well enough alone and be happy with the sound i already have? See told you i was confused :censored2: Appreciate your suggestions. Thanks
  11. dragosani

    Information overload - need some guidance

    SO further to this thread let me reply to my own post with another question. I suspect my issue could be due to the fact i hadnt patched my original jas 10.4.8 dvd with JaS.10.4.8.AMD.Intel.SSe2.SSe3.v1p ppf? I now need to know where one can obtain this patch seeing as i dont have a demonoid invite? I would like to patch the original iso and install using that and see if that corrects my black screen problems. Seems the patch "removed natit (as it is causing some users to have panics ) and added in titan" So could i be on the right track here? please help - desperate. Thanks again
  12. dragosani

    Information overload - need some guidance

    Thanks for the reply ErBic, -v allowed to me to discover this error kextd 25 - kextd watch volume could not set up disk arb sessions then it goes through a series of "disk arb isnt ready yet - retrying..." does that a couple times Then arghhh! black screen again I did a search on these forums but no luck locating anything specific to this symptom. Really would like to get back to the desktop - i was so excited for a moment there.
  13. Hi Folks, WOW ever get that feeling where the more you know the less you know? I have been reading these forums for sometime and still confused as ever. -I just finished installing JaS 10.4.8 for AMD & Intel SSe2 Or SSe3 W/ Semthex's 8.8.1 kernel for sse2 and sse3 -My System specs are as follows: Dell dimension 9150 Nvida Geforce 7800 GTX Supports sse2,sse3 CPU -pentium D 820 Now - i installed the jas 10.4.8 DVD and the installation went just fine in fact I was able to get to the desktop after entering in the user info etc, I got an update for Ichat - installed it then prompted to reboot so rebooted Now - I keep getting a dreaded black screen after the apple logo nothing but a black screen - i dont get it i was at the desktop and things were working fine... What can i do to get past this black screen so things are functioning again? I am most certain its a video issue... I have the latest kernel - 8.8.1 so no need to update that. Any assistance at this point would be so appreciated. Thanks in advance
  14. Same issue here as well Im afraid. Only get to the Grey apple screen with the "no smoking sign" and it stays there. used Jas 10.4.6 install DVD Installation went without a hitch, just after rebooting problem appeared. I have a Dell also - dimension 9150 Nvida 7800 I chose customize during the installation -selected the SSE3 patches Not sure what I can do now to get Osx to load.... Ive gone into Acronis and set osx to active - that didn't help either same symptoms. Anyone?