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  1. Here DSDT for Hp Pavilion dv6560el

    Installed voodoo power mini, and now works fine ........ i need 64 bit!
  2. Here DSDT for Hp Pavilion dv6560el

    already read...but there isn't a appleAcpiThermal 64 bit compatible.....
  3. Here DSDT for Hp Pavilion dv6560el

    but temp reading is not so important .... the right power management is... i don't know why temperature is still so high....i have only 3 programs opened (chrome, dreamweaver, a download manager), cpu use around 15% I've cleaned the heatshink one week ago, so i think there is something wrong :/
  4. Here DSDT for Hp Pavilion dv6560el

    Chameleon RC5 Installed, (and FakeSMC too), but reboot isn't working and temperature still too high, with or without P/C States enabled... Now ioreg -lw0 | grep CSTInfo gives this output: "CSTInfo" = 19136773 What does it mean? I've downloaded iStat, wich displays cpu temperatures, but only my HDD temp is showed ... not cpu's .. . Summer is coming, and i don't want to burn thanks!
  5. Here DSDT for Hp Pavilion dv6560el

    Everything seems ok , but temperature is still too high and reboot doesn't work (halt does)
  6. Here DSDT for Hp Pavilion dv6560el

    Hi, really thanks for your suggestions. Here is my kextstat ouput, but ioreg ecc.. doesn't give me any output ... I don't know why, but my custom boot.plist were not loaded before ... now i've used lizard tool to edit and it worked ...i've enabled 64 bit support and now my pc works so smooth ... speed increse is noticeable! I don't know if it merit of 64 bit mode or P/C state enabled ... Read the article you linked, but it says that works only for 32 bit mode ... and i don't want to come back to it ) thank you mald0n! kextstat.txt
  7. Here DSDT for Hp Pavilion dv6560el

    Yep, it worked ... ! Reboot/Halt works well without SleepEnabler.kext .. i've removed before upgrading to 10.6.7 ... what did you do if i can ask? Never shout too loud! : I use this computer manly for making music, so cpu use during production is intense ... The problem is that i have crackles, because my cpu usage now reach easly 100% with songs that i've made days ago, on this computer, without problems... maybe a problem with bad power states? There is something that's wrong .... my ram works at 607mhz instead of 667 (now fixed that in com.boot.plist ), but my FSB clock is 725 Mhz, when it should be 800 ... I've removed voodoPowerMini kext, then installed voodooHda to see if crackles go away, but i won't use that kext, autosensing is not working! Now i've disinstalled voodooHda ... restored my old appleHda.kext ... and voilà ... audio now is not working at ALL ! Very good! ...i'll search for audio dsdt native support .. (ALC268 integrated soundcard) -------------- Reinstalled appleHda, voodoopower removed, now audio works and my audio software doesn't give problems.. but my cpu temp is around 53°C and doesn't get lower ... i will check all things related to fsb maybe the problem is "near" that ..
  8. Here DSDT for Hp Pavilion dv6560el

    Hi there, starting from a dsdt file that i've found on this forum, i ì've beggined to edit it, trying to get a better native support for my laptop ... Sincerly i think i'm at a good point, yesterday i've fixed HPET section, and the laptop fans stopped to run everytime, temperature of cpu is much lower, and my computer....feels like a real macbook ) But i'm still using voodooPowerMini & vodoobattery kext, and i'm not so happy about it, because of random kernel panics when disconnecting the power cable .... So here is my dsdt , give it a try and let me know, and if you have a dsdt that makes you able to work without voodoo's kexts, post so we can merge the two dsdts. Sorry for my english Hp dv6560el DSDT + HPET fix Hp dv6560el DSDT + HPET fix (Pre_Compiled)