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  1. Can anyone give me (cited) percentages for the crash rates of Mac OS X Tiger and Windows XP? The more I have, the better. Thanks in advance!
  2. Can some programmer out there tell me how to change the Last.fm official player (source is here) so that It doesn't appear in the Dock (there's already a controller in the menu bar, so the Dock is kind of redundant and a waste of real estate). It doesn't check for a Soundcard every time I try to use it (I have to use an ugly third-party program to listen to Recommended Radio). The way it is now, it doesn't detect a Soundcard (I have an integrated AC'97) on my Hackintosh, and refuses to play anything. Thank you for helping! PS: If you'd rather, you can just do it yourself and build it. Once again, thank you!
  3. Eggman

    [Hire] Intel Mac benchmarking

    I would like to thank everyone who has tried to help me with this. However, I have been able to locate someone who has been able to do this for me. I'm sorry that, for the rest of you, that your work was for naught, but thank you for trying to help regardless.
  4. Eggman

    [Hire] Intel Mac benchmarking

    Just wanted to see how it's going and to add a few things some people may not have known/understood: I need it by Tuesday. It has to be a real Intel Mac. I need it to be done on Windows Vista, Mac OS X, Gentoo Linux and FreeBSD (all on the one computer). It's okay for unix2dos to not work. I also need the raw output on the Terminal window. Thank you so much for doing this (assuming you haven't backed out from the above list, lol.)!
  5. I need someone who is willing to perform some benchmarks for me on ANY Intel Mac. It is a homemade (and undoubtably bad) UNIX script that I need to be run on Mac OS X, Windows Vista, Gentoo Linux and FreeBSD. I am willing to pay $25 through PayPal or a certified bank check, but it needs to be done by mid-January to early February (I can give an exact date tomorrow probably). Thank you for your help! PS: If you'll do it, just run master.sh and send me whatever it makes. And make sure your Mac is properly cooled! Scripts.zip
  6. Eggman

    Hey im new :)

    Welcome to the forum! Nice to meet you! If I were you, I'd get rid of the link to your blog. Don't want to end up in jail, do you?
  7. Can someone explain this to me? I installed Vista on my OSx86 box (clean install). I noticed a folder today on my Mac's hard drive. It's called $WINDOWS.~BT and contains a folder called Sources. I attached a list of everything inside Sources, for those interested. EDIT: I found a readme.rtf, which uses Segoe UI (not the kind you normally see). I uploaded readme.rtf too. Sources.txt readme.rtf
  8. Eggman

    Help with audio?

    Are you actually setting the permissions for AppleAC97Audio.kext? It won't work unless you do. You need to go into Terminal and type this: chmod -R 755 /System/Library/Extensions/AppleAC97Audio.kext chown -R root:wheel /System/Library/Extensions/AppleAC97Audio.kext Good luck!
  9. Eggman

    The Pet Gallery!

    You think five is bad? At one point, we had ten... Otis Bob Buddy Barbie Buster Boo-Boo Elvis Rascal Pumpkin Clarence
  10. Eggman

    Unofficial Sticker

    That's like on the first page, dude!
  11. Eggman

    Native or VMWare?

    Simply put, A LOT! Windows XP is already kinda has a problem with eating processor power for no reason. Now imagine that problem times 1.5. I had VMware for a short while; I never used Mac in it though because I couldn't stand the horrid speed decrease. Even installing Darwin (this was 10.4.1-era ) made Windows's Firefox unstable. You would have it even worse than me because I had a 2.4 GHz processor at the time. I would definitely recommend a native installation, especially if you're planning on using Mac as an everyday OS.
  12. Eggman


    Once the spinning icon appears, just wait for the hard drive light to turn off, then you can safely hit the restart button. I don't think what I'm uploading is against the rules, because it's just a boot file, but if it is, please get rid of it! Thanks mods! Unfortunately, I had to change the file extension to "txt". Just manually change it "plist". com.apple.Boot.txt
  13. Eggman

    PS2 To USB

    Actually, although the the mouse and keyboard PS/2 ports look identical, they really aren't. That's why motherboards have different ports for mice and keyboards (this is all a quote from a friend; I don't know if it's true or not). Your best bet would be to do what jbjonas did.
  14. Eggman

    osx on amd with gf4 mx440

    First, you need to get CPU-Z. You can find it here: http://www.cpuid.com/download/cpu-z-132.zip Then, go through it and somewhere in the program it should have a list. If you see SSE3 and SSE2, you can install it with barely any patches at all. If you only see SSE2, you'll need the SSE3 patch available from Maxxuss. Then you'll need to get UltraISO. Use that to convert the DMG to an ISO file. Once you have done that, get PPF-O-Matic, available here: http://www.paradogs.com/pdx_ppf3.htm Just apply the patches as necessary, and burn it to a DVD and reboot. The installation should begin! Good luck!
  15. Eggman


    If you have Windows on there, you'll need to get MacDrive to see it. That, or get a Linux LiveDVD. If you don't have it, all you have to do is put it there; MacDrive doesn't respect permissions, and it's easy to fix them in Linux. The spinning thing is a problem I think everyone has. As for the error message, try the same thing I told Noid. Actually, did you both try the Chinese patch? I never used it, but that may be causing a problem.