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  1. Hi Mistico.. Your package is about people who already did install macosx on p5b mobo.. What about us who didnt? Can you give us an advice how to do that? I have e6600 with p5b deluxe..My main problem is that I have IDE dvd and sata HDD.. I cant boot with IDE dvd and hdd, so I got an external usb dvd drive.. When I start the installing my macosx setup doesnt see my SATA disc where I want to install my system.. I already have XP on other Sata hdds , striped and it works great.. I have 10.4.8 AMD Intel SSE2 SSe3 with ppf1 and ppf2 on dvd.. What are my options before I get into macosx and apply your patches for 100% mobo work? Which image shall I install with and which patches do I need? What to choose in bios (ide,raid or ahci) and what to do to make my sata hdd work? Please clear those things for me, cause you've had an succesfull instalation.. I'm sure that p5b fellas would like to hear how the procedure goes.. Thanx a lot funkymac
  2. Core2Duo+Asus P5B Deluxe STRUGGLE ?!

    You suggest me to try IDE drive as external USB device? It would be slow as hell, wouldnt it? I will try that laters.. None of the patches work for me? Any suggestions? THanx funkymac
  3. Hi guys.. This has been a real struggle.. Please give me some advice on this in order to quit my confusion.. It seems that I've tried everything..I have p5b deluxe with ich8R.. I'm installing Jas.10.4.8.AMD&INTEL.SSE1+SSE2 release and firstly I had problems with my IDE DVD drive booting.. I've jumped over the boot.plist problem with attaching USB DVD drive and instalation started.. I have 3 SATA2 HDDs in RAID for my XP setup and one dedicated IDE HD for my mac osx.. Instalation went well and I had succes in installing the macosx to my IDE HDD.. On reboot, the system couldnt start and boot from IDE HDD and I get the same message boot.plist.. I've tried the BIOS changes and I can only choose to use JMicron in IDE mode (which is my general preset), RAID and AHCI..no combined.. I didnt have luck at all..I think that I've tried my luck even with the jmicron patch and nothing happened.. Please tell me what to do and what am I doing wrong? Need your advice to quit my sleepless nights Thanx in advance Funkymac