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    Clover General discussion

    Hi, I have three usb bluetooth dongles, and all of them sometines work in cmos and sometimes don't. I can't figure out what makes that happen. I'd like to know if there's any kind of option in clover to make dongle keep pairing after shut down.
  2. kdtt

    Clover General discussion

    Thanks for answer,Slice. I found that overclock with clover needs ssdt.(without it panic or slow system clock) When normal clock clover nor chameleon needs ssdt.aml with my x58 board. normal clock without ssdt overclock with maciasl generic ssdt same macpro5,1 smbios and show different multipliers.
  3. Hi, I bought usb3 pcie card (renesas chip). After installing the generic driver, there are error messages in boot log saying "xhci root hub ss simulation" has reported an overcurrent condition. The port has been disabled. Does this mean pcie card is faulty?
  4. kdtt

    Clover General discussion

    Do I have to write bus speed in cpu section when overclock?
  5. kdtt

    Clover General discussion

    About Booleans, Is this wrong?
  6. kdtt


    I have xeon e1230v2,hd5770 and ga b75m d3h and latest version of hwmonitor installed. 1)pch die always show 73 celsius and never change. 2)What cpu frequency graph shows is little bit different from what intel's power gadget shows. 3)Boot process is little slow with this version 5.2.755. Just reporting a few things. Thanks
  7. kdtt

    Shutdown fix for evga e760

    Thanks, I tried with those 3 numbers. 430- always works but led is on. 830- 5 out of 10 times works led is off ,other 5 times ,system hangs. 1030-system hangs. But one thing peculiar is when I change dsdt.aml then shut down always works. Maybe problem is in other parts of my dsdt.
  8. Gigabyte shutdown fix works on this board. But power led is always on unless unplug the cable. Gigabyte fix has this line "OperationRegion (PMRS, SystemIO, 0x0430, One)" . I read about shutdown fix and I found out that different board has different value for that line. But I don't understand how to figure out that value. I have this in my dsdt. "Processor (CPU0, 0x00, 0x00000000, 0x00)" It's different from gigabyte boards. What should I put instead of 0x0430?
  9. Have you tried other versions of chameleon? and also caviar green has little conflict with mountain lion. My caviar green is ejected after wake.
  10. kdtt

    ML DP3 can't see my hard

    Do you have all drivers needed in installer's system folder? Ethernet or wifi.... if you don't have those drivers then try disable them in bios when you install.
  11. kdtt

    ML DP3 can't see my hard

    I had same problem with my notebook once. After installing ethernet driver, everything was fine. I guess it's related to pci bus.
  12. I'm using 2 computers. Evga x58 with asus dongle and Asus p5k with targus. On p5k, with bluetooth wake option greyed out, I can wake my pc with apple wireless keyboard both Lion or Mountain Lion dp3 with update. And after restart it keeps working. On Evga x58, Lion 10.7.4 where wake option greyed out, I can't wake my pc,and also after restart keyboard does'nt work until os starts. And if I want to choose hard disk on boot menu, I have to remove dongle and put it back again or have to plug out my pc and plug in again. but mountain lion dp3 with update where wake option is available and I can wake my pc, and after restart I can use keyboard to choose hard disks. On evga I don't have perfect dsdt. so when I shut down my pc , power led is still on. and also usb relate codes in dsdt are different between those two boards. I think if you have good dsdt fix on your pc then even without bluetooth wake option, you can wake your pc with wireless keyboard or mouse.
  13. I checked the ioregistry and I found there's difference in usbhub entry between cinema display and apple keyboard . There's entries for 'extra power for ports' and 'extra power request' in keyboard hub. Extra power for ports want 400mA and extra power request want 600mA. So I guess it means that mac has 1100mA for usb ports. But ioregistry of cinema display doesn't have those entries and hub supports 500mA and I can charge my phone. If you can remove those entries in keyboard hub config, then maybe at least one port would work. Maybe experts in dsdt could do that. There's AppleUSBMergeNub.kext in iOUSBFamily.kext's plugin folder. I think there's information that you need to change in info.plist of that kext. I guess that display has its own power supply for usb ports. I don't think it's possible to fix this problem with modifying info.plist.
  14. I have that problem, too. I read on the web that certain macs have 1000mA on usb ports, so they say you need to change wiring usb ports on boards. When I see my system information ,apple keyboard require 300mA though 500mA is available. I guess 100mA per each ports and 100mA for keyboard itself. so only 100mA device could work. I hope somebody find solution for this through software method.
  15. kdtt

    ar9281 lion10.7.3

    I tried dsdt fix. But after that airport can't find networks. Maybe my dsdt fix is wrong. There's no arpt in ioreg. Here's my ioregistry before fix, and my dsdt after fix. Would you check this for me? atheros.zip