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  1. OS X on a HP G42-380LA?

    I have s imilar laptop (hp g42-369LA) with core i3 and intel hd graphics,after hours of tryinng it,I could install it (10.6.2 version),with usb and sd card slot working,not the entire resolution,but it is ok,but the problem is that when I am trying to update 10.6.4 I got a kernel panic and I can't update,so just let me know if you need help
  2. Finally osx in hp g42 (10.6.2) but can't update

    So what version do you have right now after the update??,thanks for all your help
  3. Finally osx in hp g42 (10.6.2) but can't update

    If you want,I can make a tutorial to show you how to install the 10.6.2 firmware.Wifi is not working but I'm looking for an external adapter,usb is working,sd card reader too,it is very very fast,the resolution is not that bad. Just let me know if you need the steps
  4. Hi everyone,I'm having a lot of problems making an update to my hackintosh (hp g42 intel core i3),intel hd graphics,everything works perfect except the wifi,however when I want to update from 10.6.2 to 10.6.4,but when I run the combo update,after removing the sleepenabler kext ,a kernel panic appears before the installation is completed,here is an image to the error: I hope you can help me please,thank youu so muuuch