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  1. Although this is not, strictly speaking, a Hackintosh specific question, I have searched everywhere for a solution to this problem and come up empty. So, here it is: I am running OS X 10.6.7 on a shiny new 17" i7 MacBook Pro. My previous machine was a 15" Core2 Duo MacBook Pro running 10.6.5. I also have a SIL3132 based Rocstor ExpressCard eSATA adapter controlling a 4 bay Sans Digital RAID 5 array. On the 15", running 10.6.5 this all worked flawlessly. However, when I plug the ExpressCard into the new machine, it is not recognized. It comes up as an generic mass storage device, and the drives in the RAID don't even spin up. Also, when I upgraded the OS in the old 15" to 10.6.6 the eSATA adapter stopped working. I have tried all of the obvious things: -downloaded the latest driver from the Silicon Image website -booted up in 32 bit mode But, nothing works. It seems clear to me that this is an issue with the SIL3132 RAID driver, but no one (Rocstor, Silicon Image, Sans Digital, Apple) can give me a solution to the problem. So, the question is: is anyone in the Hackintosh community successfully using a SIL3132 based eSATA adapter in RAID mode? And, if so, how have you gotten it to work? Thanks!