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    Yes, I'm seriously 12. I enjoy BASIC programming, OSx86, and operating systems (literally all of them).
  1. NES Mac..?

    Does sound awesome. An NES PC is cool enough...but an NES Mac...baby, that's just...awesome.
  2. Linux Distributions

  3. Mac OS for PSP

    Guess I didn't read that part...
  4. Thoughts On Vista

    I like Vista, it OWNS XP...but nothing will beat 2k. ...or 3.x. j/k. Don't bash it. It rocks.
  5. Mac OS for PSP

    Holy schnike that looks cool! Can't wait 'till I get a PSP!
  6. What OSes made by apple do you like?

    Oh, don't even get me started. - Mac OS 7.5.x - LisaOS - Newton OS 2.1 - A/UX - Mac OS X 10.1 - 10.4 I heart Apple!
  7. Old Mac Os For Intel

    Rhapsody ROCKS!!!