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  1. I had leopard on this laptop before, but i lent my friend the laptop for a while, and now Snow Leopard is out, I want to put that on there now i have my laptop back. I've tried finding some guides, But i cant find one, I dont have access to a "Retail Boot CD".
  2. I've got 10.6.3 installed on my Vostro 3500 i5. But i edited the plist with GraphicsEnabler and Yes. But i stil dont have QE/CI If i run Front row, i get a black screen
  3. WN111v2

    I've got a Netgear USB Wireless 'N' Adapter and i couldnt find a driver for Mac OS x Was wondering if anyone has got this working? and the steps and what you got it working on. 10.5 or 10.6 Cheers. Tom
  4. Asus PE3

    Just downloaded it and tried it. Didnt work. This is very very annoying. I duno what else to try
  5. Asus PE3

    Sorry, i was rushing this post, I was kinda in the middle of cooking pasta haha. Intel Pentium 4 Intel GMA900 The only thing it says on their website about lan is. 10/100 Website Here. Download link says, I dont have the permission on safari. On chrome, the download dont even begin. :S
  6. Asus PE3

    I've installed iPortable_Snow on this machine. The one thing thats bugging me is the internal Lan. I cannot find any infomation on the specific driver for it. I've tried some Realtek ones that said to work, But nope. Been trying and searching for hours on end, and i cannot seem to find it.
  7. Lets just get past the part of installing VMware. Doing Portable Snow is very very easy.
  8. Well i dont know about VirtualBox, Never used it. I had VMware and a proper Mac OS x system image made for VMware. So i dont know? Maybe someone else on the forums will..
  9. Yeah in the post above, I did say install VMware. *VMware* is a virtual machine, you can install an operating system on, use it just for formatting and restoring.
  10. First Attempt Success

    http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=4987 Read this, I think this might get your AirPort working.
  11. Acer Aspire 4820TG

    When you turn it on, use the bootflag: busratio=12 -v See what happens
  12. For portable snow. Use google, It's your friend. Once iPortableSnow has been downloaded, Your find a .PDF file inside with all the instructions you need. Hope this helps.
  13. Kernel Panic

    I installed Snow Leopard fine and got everything working. Now since yesterday, I've been getting these kernel panics all the time. It could be every hour, or every 10 minutes. It's really annoying me. I am a Windows person, i have no idea how to fix these panics and theres so many Error codes, i dont know what to search for on google for a soloution. Hopefully these forums can help me.
  14. Yeah from reading your first post. It would be very easy for you to to get installed using a USB. Search for iPortableSnow and follow the instructions in the PDF file. Then download VMware and create the bootable USB from inside that. Then your good to go.
  15. Snow Leopard.

    I think i've got the VooDooHDA. I got it to work some how, in the Vostro thread, They say to use the Fixed volume Voodoo one, but i couldnt find and it and just used another one. Hmm. I'll back up and try it later. Thanks for the reply