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  1. [GUIDE] OS X Lion on Intel D945GCLF2 Atom 330

    I put together a system for less than $150 with this board and a mini-itx case from fleabay and a 2GB stick of RAM and a 60GB SSD from Newegg. Replaced the motherboard fan with a heatsink and the case has an AC power supply. This thing runs OS/X Lion 10.7.3 with no moving parts. Pretty cool. Anyway, the sequence of event I followed looked like this: 1. Install Lion 10.7 from installer USB 2. run ./installer script 3. re-boot to 10.7 4. run 10.7.3 combo update dmg (DON'T REBOOT) 5. run ./installer script again 6. run Realtek kext pkg installer 7. re-boot 8. repair disk permissions I have another similar system with the exact same board running Snow Leopard 10.6.7 also from an SSD which I use as my primary desktop. I have to say the Lion O/S runs significantly slower than SL with this board. Really not worth the upgrade from Snow Leopard if you want to maintain performance, IMO. Most people will find this much too sluggish, even running on an SSD. Fun to play with however. This board running Snow Leopard (especially from an SSD) is a thing of beauty and makes for a great little computer.
  2. I used this guide a couple of years ago to install 10.5.6 and I've been using the system as my main desktop ever since. I now have a SL 10.6.0 retail disk. Can this same guide be used to install Snow Leopard on this board?
  3. About 2 years ago I installed 10.5.6 on an Atom 330 motherboard using the excellent tutorial HERE. This resulted in a very stable install of 10.5.6 which I've been using as my primary desktop computer since that time. The system seems to have slowed over the past couple of years, however, and I wanted to do a fresh install using a new 60GB SSD as my boot drive. I still have the old install disks and I'm sure I could get the job done in no time and have the same system I have now (although hopefully a little faster). I'm very tempted, however, to use the new patched mach kernel method developed by the Teateam for the Atom HERE in order to get a new Snow Leopard install. No matter how many times I read through the posts there I still don't really know how to approach this. At what point do I introduce the mach kernel into the install process described in the Atom 330 tutorial? Do I substitute something along the way, or do I complete the old 10.5.6 install and then upgrade? I'm willing to spend the money on a retail SL copy, but even if I have that I'm still not certain at what point the Teateam kernel comes into play and how the upgrade process exactly would work. Sorry this is a very noob question, and I'm obviously spoiled by the hand-holding of the original Atom 330 tutorial. Any help in where I should be going here would be greatly appreciated.