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  1. Finishing all my post here it is always best to do install without modifying flash files (limits possibility of introducing viruses) in regards to installing pcie cards in Quo MBs. Secondly, Thanks for comments re: analytical thinking and logical .aml solutions/ file modifications kexts etc. wide scope of solutions help to keep options on the table. Agree ATI card 5450 does run slow in comparison to Intel 4000 from original driver unmodified install and in my case the EAH 5450 was unstable in performance and lower resolution though did not lock up in my application Sony 40". Thank you one and all for your efforts especially with .aml comments a well deserved learning topical logic experience and will certainly keep for note reference.
  2. I am not upset at all here (King) just trying to learn if it is a procedural thing here like have card in place then load os onto system. I believe boot hang due to efi bios set to yes for internal graphics enabler should be set to no but have not been able to get to it as the -f command is not recognised. Many people have reported getting this same card working using the kext edits and 2-3 versions of this since 10.8.2 has been updated to 10.8.5. So attitude will blind all constraints if you let it. Also, some have reported using DSDT with ##### to get working dunno on their installs if card was put in later. As to dumps and such if you can not get to the file structure only the directory structure what is to see? I tried ##### and repair permissions still no go I have a DSDT free install. Thanks. If your time is pressing choose quality not quantity it lasts forever. The (connactic) all bootloaders are in the efi file does not state which , will investigate further thanks for some direction. Ok like I suspected it was in boot area on efi. I put card in and turned off intel IGP,set pcie and put in eah 5450 PCIE card and booted to install ; reinstalled 10.8.2 and video card works lower resolution and not full Sony 40" screen will see if 10.8.5 changes anything . Will check audio after update to 10.8.5. . Quo install video for win 8 leaves pcie video card out at setup this confuses people as os sets permissions from start.
  3. Quo MB Z77MX-QUO- AOS & H3A.816M ROM Oz boot to osx 10.8.5 still no solution to get Asus EAH5450 working all kexts were edited to conform with correct ID but still no go. The card is seen when bios is set to IGP and not auto will start to boot at apple logo then 5secs poof back to reboot with hdmi plugged into card . Pluging back into internal Hdmi and rebooting brings me back to intel graphics 4000 with video and audio working 100% . Wish I could find someone that can tell me what Graphics Cards work with this setup. Where is Izztech ?
  4. I can get the drive mounted in terminal window using your command -f does not exist though. Do I need the file or not? Also diskos1 does not type here correct should be line through zero. Not letterO
  5. Psx1.zip is a aml file and dunno what to do with it Pleases explain process . Nice thoughts I know a lil from Unbutu re: terminal commands but can not find where file is on hard drive msdos partition does not show from command . Disk Os1 my Disk is labeled MTN LION
  6. With asus EAH 5450 and quo latest efi how do you edit the efi? I think they use ##### or clover to boot Dunno how or what to change there . Doing the kext edit playlist at one point the card worked but choppy and slow messed up loading trying to work out problem and had to reinstall nasty event there. Any guidance there tried [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] to change things latest version but no kexts for my card there.
  7. I have tried numerous kexts and have not been able to get Ati 5450 working in 10.8.5 Mtn Lion it will not boot to any video screen. Any thoughts or basic steps . Also what video cards will work . Used Izztech bios link and had no problems installing 10.8.2 with intel 4000 enabled. Just no go with anything else I had laying around. Quo Motherboard. and latest bios.(H3a 816m)