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  1. it seems that starting from lion the kext cache doesn't work anymore, however I had the same issue still waiting for root device changing from VM bios the scsi order didn't do the trick rather bring me back to the EFI console, I discovered that this was due to the fact that after installing I have removed/moved/added the virtual scsi hdd changing its position in vm settings from 2nd to the 1st (as primary) and get an unresponsive system, so I suggest you don't switch the virtual scsi hdd after install just remove the hdd installer.
  2. about the videos same issue after a while, could be the beta bugs or QE/CI missing callings, indeed for me on workstation 8.0.2 no need to fix the vmtools, ESXi is totally another environment, another world I would say
  3. you have not to update from lion, but do you have already installed it or you need to install? Anyway if as I say in first point, you can't neither boot the installer you need to copy in this path Volumes/YourMLHddlabel/System/Library/Extensions of your virtual scsi hdd FakeSMC.kext and maybe AppleLSIFusionMPT.kext taken from your Lion, then to make these patches work you need to repair/fix permissions of those files in that folder path, so at the next reboot you can load up your vmdk installer. On a single file you can do this way: open terminal give sudo su reach that folder path through cd Volumes/YourMLHddLabel/S/L/E chown -R 0:0 FakeSMC.kext chmod -R 755 FakeSMC.kext
  4. here: http://goo.gl/WdeHi
  5. don't understand if you face no mouse and keyboard on the installed ML or during the installer vmdk. Try to plug a usb mouse (and maybe a usb keyboard) before launch the VM, make sure to enable both under VM settings (Add and Enable USB Controller), for installing system mouse is enough.
  6. of course not, I mean full resolution and auto-fit screen, but at least the animations are smooth and some transparency on menus, but naturally full of bugs as any good first preview.
  7. Solved, here are the steps I did to make ML DP1 working on Vmware 8.0.2 : 0. Created a VM with 2 gb ram, 1 processor, cd/dvd scsi, usb, sound card, display, NAT, guest OS Server 10.6 64 bit 1. Created a vmdk installer from ML DP1 dmg as Lion 2. Installed it on a second virtual scsi hdd 3. Copied through a working OSX VM or from installer vmdk terminal in the S/L/E folder FakeSMC.kext 4. From terminal typed sudo su then chown -R root:wheel /Volumes/YourMLDP1HddLabel/Library/Extensions/FakeSMC.kext (this take a while) 5. No touch on AppleLSIFusionMPT.kext left the original one 6. Installed VMsvga2_v1.2.4_OS_10.6-7.pkg, guestd_patches.pkg, EnsoniqAudioPCI_v1.0.3_Lion.pkg and Darwin Vmtools got full graphics, audio/sound and shared folder, vm interaction Everything is fine boot in less than 2 minutes. Thanks all for your support. edit: forgotten step edited the .vmx and set this line smc.present = "FALSE"
  8. I already have that old kext, about the EFI virtual scsi I have disabled the efi network from boot options and it's ok, but I still get the waiting for root device that is without a shadow of doubt related to the virtual scsi hdd detection. I've just created the user and completed the welcome screen then shutdown a working system without sound and vmtools of course but at the next startup no led activity and still waiting for root device. I'm reinstalling right now.
  9. I've fixed permissions, but now my issue is this when launch the VM in the grey vmware logo appears EFI Virtual SCSI Drive unsuccessful, if i press f8 before and go to boot manager and choose scsi hard drive it boots but hangs on still waiting for root device, it can't find the hdd I guess, I've tried editing in L/P/SC com.apple.boot.plist adding in kernel flags -v rd=disk0s2 (that's the partition where I've installed ML) but nothing.
  10. Did it! Like a fool I didn't fixed the permission after copying the older kext chown -R root:wheel /Volumes/HddLabel/Library/Extensions/fakesmc.kext After this, I get instantaneous boot for the installer vmdk. Booting ML DP1 verbose given me waiting for dsmos too, but after replacing again the AppleLSIFusionMPT.kext it worked fine, around a couple of minutes to load up, everything seemed working. Until a correct shutdown, at the next boot in verbose mode I get a loop with: still waiting for root device
  11. The installer vmdk booted quickly or in 10-15 minutes too? You experience the same stop on ethernet address, spinning beachball, no led activity and after 10-15 min you see the desktop normally?
  12. but are you talking about an installed ML or the installer vmdk created from the .dmg developer preview? If you have already installed ML how have you done exactly? That's my first issue I can't even install it, the vmtools for now are last of my issues. Waited for an hour but the spinning beachball stay there either with apple logo either with verbose.
  13. Thanks for your .vmx, but I think mine it's ok, and yes I know you can reduce the ram after, it's just a check before installing on the minimum hardware requirements. I've tried replacing in the vmdk installer image in S/L/E folder the AppleLSIFusionMPT.kext with the old one, it seems more reactive in the first part of boot but it hangs on AppleIntel8254XEthernet address showing the spinning beachball wait cursor, and no activity led of virtual scsi hdd. Haven't tried yet updating a previous install of Lion VM, but I haven't enough space to clone.
  14. Hi, I'm also trying booting 10.8 ML DP1 on Vmware Workstation 8.0.2 but have the same beachball animated cursor loop (even sending keyboard command+v verbose mode) that at least responds on mouse movements; booting verbose seems that it hangs up at the ethernet network interface just the last step before the GUI, but even removing the network interface it hangs up at the same line exactly a step before. I've tried FakeSMC.kext instead but same result. I've seen that editing the .vmx and setting this line smc.present = "FALSE" makes appear more quickly the beachball animated cursor, as it avoids some slowing steps. To those who succeeded in boot I have these questions: 1) What VM settings do you have set? - Me: 2 Gb Ram, 2 processors, SCSI Hdd, SCSI cd/dvd, NAT, guest os 10.7 64 bit 2) While wait the 15-30 minutes do you see the beachball loop and in this mean time the VM hdd led icon is off or operating? 3) Do you have installed it starting from a Lion VM or from a 10.8 ML vmdk created ad hoc like Lion? Thanks