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  1. Booting OSX 10.4.3

    Oh it worked, thanks.
  2. Booting OSX 10.4.3

    I just installed the 10.4.3 with JaS patch dvd, reset my windows partition to active, added c:\chain0="OSx86", and added the corrent chain0 file to c:\ and when i select it from my boot menu, it just flashes and goes back to the boot menu,
  3. Hacked PS/2 Driver :)

    Any updates on this hacked PS2 driver? I still cant get my touchpad or keyboard working.
  4. Hmm, when i loaded the modified PS2 Driver, then boot OSX again it said there was an error in installing the PS2 Kext, and i coppied the old on back oven and it still gives that error.
  5. I also tryed a modified PS2 Driver i got a while back on these forums and that ditnw rok etiher ( i tryed booting with boot: -v -s -k and boot: -v -s) and neither worked... im gunna restore the default driver because that at least worked twice.
  6. nahh theres nothing in my bios, but after trying so many combonations of boot params i got one to work! So this is the secon time today i got it to work (i didnt remember what params, but this time i defently used diffferent params than first time) but anyways i did boot: -v -s -k ... and i got th e# and keyboard worked! i then type sh /etc/rc and osx gui loaded and mouse and keyboard worked!! i copied the unpatched CoreGraphics to /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/CoreGraphics.framework/Versions/A/ and removed the AppleTPMACPI.kext in /System/Library/Extensions/ and applioed Maxxuss Patch v0.5c Anti-TPM Solution patched (didnt applied SSE3->SSE2 patches since i ahve a SSE3 CPU) i just the the 3rd item of the install for hte Anti-TPM and then rebooted... i then used the same params as before boot: -v -s -k and it didnt work this time! i honestly dont believe that it has anything tod o with those patches, because this happened earlier today, it worked once and then never agian... and this time it worked again once, but not again! there must be some reason... i mean if it works twice there msut be a way to keep it working... i mean i could understand if its uncompatable but it working sometimes(very rarely) is strange...
  7. I installed OSX on my laptop using deadmoo's image and my internal keyboard and touchpad dont work. If i plug in a usb mouse and keyboard after osx boot, the usb mouse and keybaord work... Thats the way it has been and ive tryed installing a ps2 kext but it didnt help. But then today i booted with certain parameters, and then surpisingly my internal keybaord and mouse worked! however i cant remember what i did, this gave me more hope but ive tryed so many combonations of parmaeters and cant get my keyboard and mouse working again. Does anyone have any ideas?
  8. Wont get past Darwin bootloader

    Haha i found the culprit my tiger-x86-flat.img was 2gb too small, it didnt completely extract... ill extract, format partition, and dd again and hopefully it will work!
  9. Wont get past Darwin bootloader

    Yeah i just checked and i dont have write access to the HFS+ Partition, it says its a read-only filesystem, i even tryed mouting with "mount -t hfsplus -rw /dev/hda4 /mnt/hda4" and it still wont let me write.
  10. Wont get past Darwin bootloader

    I don't know if i can write, ill check but i knew there were two kernels by mounting my hfs+ partition, also i used the deadmoo's image so i dont know how i can just send over the correct kernal and extension... Thanks ill check if i can write and post back.
  11. So i used to have OSX on my laptop on hda4... And i decided i wanted to format and reisntall cause i messed up some patches (i applied SSE3->SEE2 patches when my CPU supported SSE) in linux i did cfdisk /dev/hda and deleted hda4 and made a new partition same size (~9gb) primary and of type AF. I then dd'd hte image over with bs=512 and skip=63 and waited for it to complete, just like i did previously. Since i already had lilo configued (other = /dev/hda4) i just rebooted and select MacOSX from my bootloader. Darwin loaded up. When i selected hd(0,4) TigerOSX it just loaded Darwin back up, so i tryed booting with -x -v -s and -F but all result in Darwin just getting reloaded. I then noticed there were two kernels, mach_kernel and mach_kernel.old So i tryed boot:mach_kernel bot that still brought me back to darwin loader, so then i tryed boot: mach_kernel.old -x and it hung, so i did mach_kernel.old -v and it said "Failed to load extension com.apple.driver.AppleACPIPlatform" and "Failed to load exension com.apple.driver.AppleI386PCI" and "Couldn't alloc class "AplleI386PCI"". So then i tryed boot: mach_kernel.old platform=X86PC -v and it just said "Failed to load extension com.apple.driver.AppleI386PCI." and "Couldnt alloc class "AppleI386PCI"" It worked before, what should i do?
  12. Hacked PS/2 Driver :)

    Yeah, ive also tryed both and neither work for my laptop. I have an Acer Aspire 3000, ill try and find my exact make and model and post, thanks.
  13. Keyboard and Mouse dont work on laptop

    Also, ive updated to the 0.4 SSE2->SSE3 Patch
  14. I have an Acer Aspire 3000 notebook which has a AMD Sempron 3000+ CPU and i finally got OS X running natively using dd to install onto a partition. I can get OSX to boot fine... i dont even need to use -x to boot into safemode which is cool. However, my touchpad mouse and keyboard dont work in OSX... if i plug in my USB mouse once OSX is loaded the mouse works... is there a way i can get my intenret mouse and keyboard working so i dont have to carry a keyboard around with my laptop to use OSX Ive heard you could fix by disabling keyboard and mouse in bios... i havent seen such an option in my bios... also, wouldnt that mean that i couldnt use my bootloader to select which OS to boot and also i wouldnt be able to reenable my keyboard and mouse in the bios... doesnt make much sense to me... is there another way? Thanks - Ramzi22