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  1. I still had to try the safe mode approach after following your latest instructions. For some reason the dll was marked as busy and unwriteable even after killing hqtray and the other VMWare services.
  2. After struggling with kernel panics on VirtualBox the past few weeks I was stoked to discover this thread! Thanks for all the hard work, guys. I've now got a rock solid VMWare retail Snow Leopard install. I did have one problem with the Donk's patcher - killing hqtray and no matter how I stopped the other VMWare services I kept getting permission failures. Not even fooling around with file permissions worked. FWIW, I run Windows 7 Pro (64-bit). I solved the problem by booting Win7 in safe mode with command window. Then the patcher worked great (although it did complain about some services not being started).