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  1. Ah there's something new! I didn't set the SMBIOS to iMac17,1 nor did I disable the serial port. I'm (re)installing OS X as I'm typing this. I feel a tad dumb now for forgetting the SMBIOS. Thank you very much for helping me out. Thank you, this could very well be of help when done installing and optimizing the config.plist. Initially I used the one generated by Clover, too. But it didn't do it for me until I set the SMBIOS apparently.
  2. Thanks for helping me out. I see what you mean. Inside the contents folder of FakeSMC.kext is merely the Info.plist and the MacOS folder containing the executable of FakeSMC. No sign of Rehabman's other plugins. Unless you know of anything else that might cause the kernel panic, would you mind giving me your EFI folder / Clover configuration since we have quite a similar motherboard. Just so I can check if you have anything different than I.
  3. By plugins do you mean any other kext patches, or kexts? The only kext patches I have are the TRIM enabler and the AppleAPIC patch from Pike. FakeSMC is the only kext I have in Clover's 10.11 kexts directory. Or is there another sort of plugin I can have alongside FakeSMC?
  4. I didn't have XHCI handoff enabled, but I've enabled it now. I did set Clover for USB Inject, Add ClockID and FixOwnership. But with XHCI handoff enabled I still don't have any success. Do you have any other clue as to what I can do?
  5. Thanks for replying. I do have FakeSMC in the 10.11 folder, yes. I've tried several versions of it but no success. Currently I only use the -v bootflag. I do wanna have VT-d enabled in the future, so I'm pretty sure I'm gonna need the dart=0 bootflag again, but I don't think I need it for installing OS X. The only patch I need in order to come as far as I do in the boot sequence is the Kernel PM patch, I don't use the Hasswel-E Kernel Patch anymore either. Do you, or anyone else, have any other clue as to what I can do?
  6. Using Pike's patch in Clover I've been trying to get into the installer, but I keep getting kernel panics on: IOBluetoothHostControllerUARTTransport::ConfigurePM ACPI device not found At first i thought it was due to graphics, because the bluetooth error is a common thing when your graphics stop working. I've tried everything graphics and bluetooth related AFAIK. My HD6850, Internal graphics, removing my GPU, but no success. The photo shown below uses -v dart=0 kext-dev-mode=1 rootless=0 but I've used several combinations of these even though I highly doubt these boot args have anything to do with it. Booting into single user mode (-s) doesn't work either. I do get up to the console, but not short after it freezes with the following error in the console: -sh-3.2# **** [iOBluetoothFamily][searchForTransportEventTimeOutHandler] -- Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport! Does anyone have any clue as to what I can do?
  7. I'm guessing you'll do more harm than good if you go about that way, there are a lot of settings that will change if you put them all into safe mode. I suppose it's better just to modify the BIOS or wait for Gigabyte to upload theirs.
  8. I'm pretty sure we have to disable the feature. The failsafe option is to disable it yes, but the 'optimal' option - which the BIOS sets itself to I assume - is the one that is enabled by default. Gigabyte will most likely bring a BIOS update to make this setting changeable.
  9. Tony from the other side just confirmed that Gigabyte is aware of the issue and will be issuing an official BIOS update to disable the IOAPIC setting. I'm waiting for that rather then messing up my motherboards BIOS.
  10. Mavericks Realtek ALC AppleHDA Audio

    Somehow after updating from iTunes 11.2.2 to 11.3, the AppleHDAController (temporary) patch in Clover caused a KP. I removed it from my config.plist and now I'm booting fine. Even though I highly doubt an iTunes update can mess up the AppleHDAController patch, I'm pretty sure that's the only thing I updated. This post is just to inform to anyone that a KP after updating iTunes might be the cause of AppleHDAController. Here are some specs: 10.9.4 with Clover and home made Fusion Drive ALC892 GA-B75N motherboard with newest F5 BIOS IOReg and config.plist found in the attachments. IOReg.zip config.plist.zip
  11. Is it correct that I can't install this on my USB? I don't want to install it directly into my EFI partition so I can test Clover. I'd like it to be able to install it on another drive then the one OSX is installed on.