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  1. I hosed my OSX

    OK, I tried that and it fixed it! Thanks Alain. Unfortunately my wife accidentally ran the update and now it's stuck at the apple logo boot screen. Time to look up NBI's.
  2. I hosed my OSX

    Hi Alain, Thanks! I will try that tonight.
  3. I hosed my OSX

    Here's a screenshot: Please help, thank you!
  4. I hosed my OSX

    Also, I'm getting the "hibernate image is too old" thing but I can't get out of it. If I try to boot to safe mode it goes straight to it. No chance to type in anything.
  5. I hosed my OSX

    Hi all, Did something really dumb. Accidentally installed NBI 8.3 on my Macbook and cancelled it halfway and tried to force an eject. When I rebooted I got a kernel panic. I can't boot into safe mode. I take it it's hosed, and I should just reformat and reinstall OSX?
  6. Thanks guys! I guess what would be helpful then would maybe be like a checklist that someone could go through to get a general idea whether their machine would be a good candidate for installing OSX then? What with the way new hardware comes up almost every day it's going to be a full-time job to maintain the list though. That said I have no idea where to start. I'll probably be poking around the forums to learn more over time.
  7. Hi everyone, Has anyone ever written a primer on installing OS X on a non-Mac machine? I understand that hardware is a criteria, and from there it varies from component to component, including drivers which makes it theoretically possible to install it on any machine designed for Windows (please note that I emphasized theoretically). For example, I believe an Intel Dual Core processor is a good starting point. Anyway if I'm totally wrong feel free to slap me in the right direction. Thanks,
  8. Introduce yourself.

    Hello all, I'm Tom from Indianapolis, and I'm new to Hackintoshing. I just completed my first one using the surefire Dell Mini 10v to set one up for my wife. Doing that has me thinking I'd love to have one running on a 15" or 17" laptop (rumor has it the Dell Inspirons are good candidates). I'm hoping that as I hang around you guys I'll learn how to do this. Anyway nice to meet you guys and looking forward to learning from and working with you guys in the near future.