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  1. Well guys, I tried those flags and I got it booting, but it;s total {censored} ... the dual core at 2.4Ghz runs better than the quadcore at 3.2Ghz.


    Of those flags here's whats needed to get it running.


    -v - i can't get it to boot without this .... surely thats not right?


    -kext-dev-mode = 1 - will not boot without it, hangs about to thirds in (I have a screenshot on my phone i'll add later)


    ncpi=0x3000 = allows booting into 10.11.5 and the xeon is correctly identified 


    So here's the thing, it boots, but every time I try to use finder, i get the beachball and have to wait anywhere from 5mins to having to hard reset it.


    I still have a few issues with USB too, although kext-dev-mod=1 got the volume slider to work .... :thumbsup_anim:


    One more thing as I click an application to run, it opens without problem but it's a thumbnail sized application, it often leaves an artefact IF and I mean IF I can close it down.



    But without file access this is useless, It may have a massive geekbench score but I can't open a bloody music file / document / or folder without it crashing or freezing.



    Help! :blush:

  2. Thankyou for that, but isn´t ncpi for lion only?  I tried the 0x3000 flag before, then read on another forum it is only used for Lion .....


    it´s great to see you have exactly the same board and cpu as me, it means i make this work. :lol::thumbsup_anim: :thumbsup_anim:



    one question to you directly, on your board do you have USB problems? When i plug any type of storage media into USB, the machine reboots after about one minute of the spinning circle. If it´s connected at boot-up there´s no problem. I am using the kexts to increase port count and USBfix in clover.

  3. I had a working 10.11.5 system with an E6600 (dual core) and I replaced it with a XEON 5450 with the modification done to it so it will work in a 775 board.


    It boots, I can see all the stuff in BIOS in relation to the new chip, but when it boots via clover it freezes at PCI configuration.


    Flags tried







    I have seen that some people have working systems with the same kit, can anyone help me in figuring out what needs to be added or removed to get this quadcore to run.




    Gigabyte GA EP45 UD3LR ...bios F11

    Gigabyte GT 730  (using web drivers and nvda=1)

    8Gb DDR" OCZ Reaper heatpipe CL15 @1066 (standard setting no overclock)


    ACL888 audio - working



    Took the chip back out an booted back into 10.11.5 okay ..


    Do I need to edit the DSDT to tell it about extra cores?

    Or is there a kernal patch or something to add?


    thanks in advance, and sorry if this is a stupid question ... i am feeling really stoooopid this morning, i kinda expected a simple swapover.

  4. I have the latest nvidia driver, and I know the memory checks out as I have stress tested it under windows (prime plus a few others).


    I have a new problem since changing the ID from 14.2 (as advised in another thread) to 5.1, my USB ports have to be connected as I boot or the machine will reset after about 60 seconds after inserting any formatted (FAT, FAT32, GPID, NTFS) USB pens. It's not a deal breaker as this is a music machine and I have offline storage permanently connected.


    I will the extra boot argument to see if it speeds things up.


    thanks again, I may not go bald after all  (pullin' out my hair)

  5. Thankyou so much for those instructions, they worked ... or at least they seem to work, the TV looks a bit better as does the monitor but i wouldn't say it was fast ...


    On that note, a second question ...


    Since upgrading to El Capitan using clover (latest version) my RAM speed is no longer detected, even though it's correctly set in BIOS.


    Is this cosmetic (like the GFX RAM)? or is it defaulting to DDR2 800.


    Is there something more I need to be looking at ?



  6. This is a first post from me but I have been following the site for many years and thank you to everyone working on this project.


    I have had various builds up to now and I currently have a running 10.11.4. I have audio, Ethernet etc.. working from the various kexts, but I do have one problem.


    I recently bought a Gigabyte GT730 2Gb, I deleted the nvdisable and replaced with nvdrv=1 and the system boots.


    I have a DVI monitor and a HDTV, both function on bootup but without any acceleration on either the monitor or TV.


    I am not a new user, but would appreciate greatly if someone could carefully point where I should be looking now, do i need to edit the edid table?


    If I need to do something, please instead of saying read the xxxxx post (which I have been doing non stop for days and days) could someone give me the correct instructions.


    The machine was much faster using the Point of View GS 8400 512mb, as I understand this is supported natively hence the acceleration.


    Again, thank you to everyone who has made this project possible.




    Gigabyte EP45 UD3LR

    OCZ reaper 1066 * 8gb

    Gigabyte GT730 2Gb

    WD 500Gb HD x 2



    Mark Stewart