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  1. bushmills

    Mojave :: Budget Video cards

    I use a EVGA GTX 760 with 4gb OOB, til new NV-drivers for my 980TI.
  2. I had Gigabyte GTX660TI Windforce with 2 big fans, EVGA GTX670 and now EVGA FTW GTX 760 4gb all Kepler based, and all working oob, no problems.
  3. update went fine, sound was off but is working now with applehda from 10.9.3 - also trim enabler is working
  4. bushmills

    Maverics 10.9.3 official release

    without problems, 10.9.3 update via App Store, reboot, all stuff is working, nothing else to do
  5. bushmills

    Mavericks 10.9.2 released

    10.9.2 on GA-EP35 DS4 is full working, no need to repatch applehda or something.
  6. bushmills

    [WineSkin] WinAmp Classic

    thx, i will try it.
  7. GA EP35-DS4 is also full working with 10.9.1.
  8. bushmills

    10.8.5 out

    10.8.5 working smooth on GA EP35-DS4, like all MacOSX before.
  9. besser vorher, oder du kannst von einem anderen gestartetem OS auf die Mac-Platte schreibend zugreifen.
  10. bushmills

    Security Update 2010-002

    update went fine
  11. Thx slashack , for your jmicron driver. I also had problems with freezes at fresh ideneb 1.3 at high cpu last & 4gb memory refresh & copying from/to ide-drives - so atm i test your 0.6 release and it runs :-) I do my stress-test with graphicconverter and the incl. browser on my huge photo-directory. At high load and full memory usage i close the app and normaly it freeze the computer - but now it runs :-) great work
  12. bushmills

    iDeneb v1.3 10.5.5 Released!

    Really nice release, my new ga-p35-ds4 is working out of the box - with sata-hd & ide-dvdrw. All usb are working, also sound - FW maybe, but i have no drive atm. thx to iDeneb people, great stuff
  13. Thx Zeph, great release, is great running on my Asrock Dual Sata2 now with UDMA .o) Only "about mac" crashes ...
  14. bushmills

    Change Mac OS X Version easily

    thnx JSN1 for your work, nice util