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  1. Hello TPH... Don't worry about booting up your laptop. I travel a lot within the US, to Mexico, to South America, and to Europe. I have never had a security checkpoint person ask me to turn on my two laptops. I carry two for work. One has Vista, soon to be upgraded to Win 7, and the other has XP, to maintain capability with older Network and MPEG Analysis software. In addition to the above two laptops, I now carry a MacBook Pro, iPad1, iPad2, iPad3, and Android Tablets. I fit the above in two laptop bags, one is a hand carry, and the other is a backpack laptop bag. The security checkpoint personnel deal with too many travelers, who each carry laptops, and now Tablets too. In fact, the US TSA says that you can leave the iPad inside the bag. You will be just another traveler with a laptop. If you start acting nervous or suspicious, then they will probably ask you to turn on your laptop, but this will one of the many things that they will do as part of scrutinizing you. Be Polite and Respectful to the Security people and Enjoy your trip.