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  1. For some reason the brightness kext woudnt work for me. Probably a DSDT problem but I am not too worried about it. Once again though, if anyone has any ideas about my USB problem please let me know! Thanks Thanks for sharing That!
  2. I was wondering if you could post your brightness kext up here because my brightness does not work. Could you also post your color sync profile? My USB ports dont always work. I have usb fix on but some will work and some wont. It always changes too. does anyone have any ideas?
  3. I am sorry, I should have provided the kernel I am using just in case any of you were using a different one than me. Here it is: mach_kernel.zip
  4. I updated and used the same kext as I had gotten before and still running fine!!
  5. Oh yeah, haha I'm sorry, I did forget to mention that I am using the dp2 kexts for graphics. I think that changing the dev is could possibly work to help us get original graphics working. Is there anything you would like help with for that? I can try and do some research. Keep us posted on the wake issue! Thanks!
  6. I have everything working fine except sleep. My laptop won't go to sleep mode properly and in turn, wont wake up because it never actually shuts down. That and my sound pops using almost every smbios setting. I know it used to be a problem with using the wrong macbook model in smbios. Are people still having trouble with inconsistent boots because I have had no problems after repairing permissions in kextwizard.
  7. If you get your audio working could you post on how you did it because i would think that we have the same audio layout or similar.
  8. YOur Kext did not work for me but it may be my DSDT. Was your DSDT customized? Is your laptop the same kind as mine? If it is could you give me your DSDT?
  9. I finally got my running with those 4 kexts installed. I was wondering what you guys were using for audio. I had been using a voodoo kext in Lion but using it in ML I was getting nothing but kernel panics.
  10. How can you tell what kexts are preventing kernel cache? And so with those kexts can you repair the original kexts and run smoothly? How do you build a kernelcache.
  11. I got ML installed on my laptop and I can boot using -x as my only boot flag. The problem when not booting in safemode is that the boot hangs at the grey screen. I have my mouse on the screen and can move that but the screen is stuck on the grey background. Any help?
  12. I am having problems booting my install USB. I keep getting a black screen after everything loads. I replaced the Graphics kexts with the ones forrm DP2 and am using all the flags to boot. Anyone want to share how they got it to work?
  13. Honestly I cannot tell you how I got it booting without graphics enabler, I may have used old graphics kexts but I am not sure, If you tell me what kexts are all for graphics, I can post mine. Picture of my system is below:
  14. I am using the attached voodoo audio kext and DSDT. Dont use my dsdt if your system is different. my audio kext also has auto switching between headphones and speakers untitled folder.zip