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  1. Need help for patching system clock RTC?

    I've tried and the clock did appear on the menu bar but it was like slower then the real clock 20 minutes. But when I went to time management, it stuck...! :<
  2. Need help for patching system clock RTC?

    Thank you, u r my savior! I'll try it and let u know! Can you list your kexts on D620 for me? What is your VGA? Do your kexts work on 64 bit or 32bit. I thought D620 has Core2Duo but my D610 has Mobile Intel Pentium M (1core).What bootloader are you using? BTW, thank you very much!
  3. Hi, every one I've install Snow Leopard from DVD retail 10a432 and I follow http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=233528 to make my VGA work on my Dell Latitude D610. It worked perfectly on 10.6.0 but when I updated to 10.6.7, after the reboot, the screen went gray and didn't move on. I think because that kext didn't work on Snow 10.6.7 so if anyone know the solution for GMA 915 (or gma 900) work on Snow 10.6.7, I really appreciate your help!
  4. Hi everyone, I have installed successfully Snow Leopard 10.6.0 retail 10a432 on Dell Latitude D610, VGA GMA 900 works fine, wireless works fine, touchpad-keyboard works fine,.. The two errors that I need to fix are: 1. My hackintosh doesn't recognize time from the system, so that there is no system clock, date on the top right corner of the menubar, and there is no date on iCal. I think I need to patch my DSDT about RTC or TMR (may be). So can some one help me to patch DSDT helping my hackitosh recognize time? 2. The most frustrating problem is I can't install any software, intsaller.pkg,... (even mac combo update) because when I want to install some thing, it always stuck at "Examining for Addition Disks" for the whole day and didn't move on. I think I miss some kexts for ATA because my HDD is ATA. But it could be I need to patch something in DSDT (HPET,..) Hope someone can help me with these problem, if you want my original DSDT, here it is: dsdt.zip (not patch yet). Also, if anyone have patched DSDT for Dell Latitude D610, can you share for me! Thanks
  5. Help with RTC in Snow Leopard!

    I saw on osxlatitude.com but it just show the guides about D620/8xx/4xx and I can't find D610. The main problem are how can I get the clock appear on the taskbar; and how to install programs without getting stuck at "Examining Addition Disks". Can you upload your dsdt and the kexts in the /Snow/Extra/Extensions for me? I just want to look at them to see if I've missed anythings. Also, what bootloader are you using? Thx
  6. Hi everybody I've just install Snow Leopard 10a432 on my Dell Latitude D610 and Wireless, GMA900 QE, mouse/keyboard work fines. But I still have 2 big issues are: my hackintosh doesn't have RTC- system clock on the taskbar (the upward gray bar). Second, when I was trying to install anything, it always get stuck at the part "Examining for addition disks" so I can't install any software on my hackintosh. I don't know how to make the clock appear on the taskbar (maybe DSDT) but with the "Examining for addition disks" error, I think my hackintosh need some kexts to work on PATA and a proper kernell! Anyone know how to fix these problem, please help me! Do you know which kernell work best for Pentium M 1.60 Ghz? My hackintosh Del Latitude D610 Intel Pentium M 1.60 Ghz, busratio=12 cpus=1 VGA : GMA 900 Ethernet: Broadcom 57xx Wireless: work fine Sound: Work fines Thank you very much