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  1. Customize Keyboard layout?

    There's an app called "Ukelele" which allows creating totally custom keyboard layouts (you can also start with a template, of course).
  2. CardBus/PCMCIA PC Cards for Leopard

    Device/Vendor IDs probably need to be added to the drivers, to get this (even possibly) working. I'd be interested in that as well, as I have a adapter with the Ricoh R5C485 chipset which I intend to use in my new PC. I'm exchanging the mainboard atm, so I cannot help with vendor/device IDs.
  3. Several gigabytes? Come on, you can fit an entire PC's RAM in that. And how are they supposed to fill or use this RAM, with only a tiny and cheap CPU in place in the modul. And no way they have amassed even 1 GB of source code. That'd take ages. That's probably more than an entire Office suite.
  4. EFiX: OSx86 gone commercial?

    I have little doubt that they "wanna" start shipping in a few days. So I guess, we'll have to wait a few days longer. I just hope, this EFI-X will let me play Duke Nukem Forever for GNU HURD on my generic intel box...
  5. Windows Vista is fine

    No, Windows Vista did indeed not steal those ideas from OS X. Neither spotlight search nor dashboard. And Pogue (an old and well-known Apple fanboy) cracking jokes about doesn't make it truer. "The Longhorn Sidebar uses XML to display Tiles, which are components connected to local and remote resources. " Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows, November 2002 "it will be possible to search contextually ("Show me all of my vacation photos" rather than a search by file name, which is often pointless in the context of digital photos). Secondly, WinFS will unify all of today's disparate data stores. In the future, we won't need separate containers for email, corporate data, Word documents and other data files, and so on. If you search for "Paul Thurrott" in Longhorn, you will retrieve email I've sent to you, documents that contain my name, my Contacts listing, relevant photographs, music I like, and so forth, all in a single, fell swoop." Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows, March 2002 Granted, Apple was shipping the features to the market. But now... who has been copying whom here? Just for the record: Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger" was first publicly preview at WWDC 2004. And accusing Microsoft of "stealing" the Dashboard idea from Apple is just plain impertinent, considering that Dashboard is as good as a carbon copy of Konfabulator...
  6. EFiX: OSx86 gone commercial?

    Why? Or how do you know? You don't know how this device works and/or was developed in detail, do you? Emulating some piece of hardware isn't illegal per se. At least not where I live (Central Europe). Now we all know, there might have been some illegality involved in developing this thing (again... I'm not insinuating or accusing anybody her). But not necessarily so.
  7. EFiX: OSx86 gone commercial?

    What's up with some of you thinking of prices like 30 EUR/Dollar? That's about the price of a decent 802.11n-Adapter, which are about as standard as they come: 3rd-Party OEM chipset and drivers repackaged and marketed to end-users. But for a (supposedly) newly & elaborately developed like this, 30 bucks seems rather cheap. I don't know, how complex this was/is... but consider common sale prices for shareware software (which might be a comparable development feat) and factor in additional costs for hardware production...
  8. EFiX: OSx86 gone commercial?

    Today is not over yet But sometimes these kinds of things are only feasible with orders - even if this is legit. It may take some investment up front to take this to a reasonable "mass" production. I don't know for what sales or how many units they are aiming. But while you can cobble together a few cheap prototypes for testing, final production should supposedly involve a kind of set-up cost and decreasing variable costs per units. So it's economically reasonable, to produce a larger quantity in one production run. Basic economies of scale. Question is, if they're willing to take that risk themselves - or even if they have the financial resources for a larger production run. And I wouldn't exactly assume them having a potent investor on board (if it isn't Gigabyte ). Also, making a fancy website is one thing, selling these things is another thing, if they are violating some copyright. If you expect you could get in legal trouble, it is most likely after shipment of these things. So you better ship a larger first run in a short time, than stocking the devices. (I am not implying that they actually do violate any copyright... but I also wouldn't be surprised if some court thinks so)
  9. EFiX: OSx86 gone commercial?

    Oh... I missed this while writing my above post: "EFiX Firmware Selector: Simply select a new Firmware from the list when changing or upgrading your mainboard." Sounds like it's somehow motherboard-specific, doesn't it? Not like you could have this USB thingy work on every motherboard. And I wonder, what the point of testing 8 (!) Gigabyte boards is - but not a single popular one from other manufacturers Asrock, Asus and the like` For instance, the Asrock Conroe seems pretty popular with OSx86, so it would seem like an obvious choice. Could Gigabyte have a hand in this, wanting to push sales of their boards (after the ugly problems with Terabyte-Hard Drives)?
  10. EFiX: OSx86 gone commercial?

    They don't say, you can install it on every regular PC, do they? Also... the fact, that it was tested with the boards mentioned on their website doesn't say, that it won't work with other boards, too. Though the possibility that it only works does not seem outrageously far-fetched either, if they are doing some voodoo depending on a board's firmware (and as we know, Gigabyte BIOS are all so slightly different from other manufacturer's). On the other hand, maybe it's just some kind of "hypervisor" booted straight via USB (PCI) and the like.
  11. Rhapsody DR2

    Hi. Anyone know where I can get the Rhapsody DR2 (for Intel / x86 at least)? I had this some years ago, but lost it along with a faulty hard drive. Any help would be soooooo much appreciated!
  12. OS X intel compatible pc

    "This is a standard installation of osCommerce. Any product shown shall be considered as fictitious. No order will be processed. You will not receive any shipment or invoice" (translated / sorry, English isn't my native language...) But still, not unlikely that they are preparing something of an online-shop.. Maybe they are alreay taking orders - who knows..?
  13. Tiger Server x86

    AFAIK there is no OS X Server on x86 in the wild. It's probably somewhere in Apple's development labs, that is. I am not so sure if it would attract many customers other than those who are already running OS X on Desktops/Workstations. Remember, Linux comes free and there are some performance converns about OS X in server use: http://www.anandtech.com/mac/showdoc.aspx?i=2436&p=9
  14. ALC850 AppleAC97Audio.kext

  15. 945G Chipset working

    Ok, searching took me quite a while, but I found out that HP offers the same ADD2 DVI card for their DC7100 (i915G/GMA900) and DC7600 (i945G/GMA950) series of PCs. The card is based on the Silicon Image Sil 1364 chipset - just the same chipset as on the Silicon Image Orion Add2 cards. Maybe they are the same, just differently named. Intel also does not seem to make a difference between 945 and 915 chipset regarding ADD2 card compatibiliy. I would guess, DVI will work on the 945G/GMA950 but I'd still be interested to hear from people who could verify that (I do have the ADD2 card yet but still have to decide, which mainboard/barebone to buy )