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  1. Derek12

    can't get my 1050Ti to work

    Thanks to all. I am using imac 7,1 SMBIOS. I did made a clean installation, I tried all tutorials and steps here, the only difference is that now I consistently get the "no signal" failure after Apple logo but the system seems to be running (caps lock works), are you 1050Ti users using the HDMI port? EDIT: I VNC'ed and it works fine, including transparency but it doesn't output video to the monitor nor it detects it in about this Mac EDIT2: After restarting through VNC now it has swithed to the "reboot after Apple logo failure" I love hackintosh
  2. Derek12

    can't get my 1050Ti to work

    Thank you, In my case I can't even reach the desktop after installing it. Only after deleting the Nvidia kexts from S/L/E and L/E everything boots as normal (without acceleration, of course) I already did the enabling SIP (CsrActiveConfig as 0x0, also tried 0x3), reboot, install nvidia web driver, allow it from security and privacy settings, not reboot and disable SIP (CsrActiveConfig as 0x67) and reboot but the same thing happens. Sometimes the monitor just loses signal, sometimes it freezes at middle boot, and sometimes just reboots after the Apple logo. I didn't patched AppleAHCIPort but this is for SATA right?
  3. Derek12

    can't get my 1050Ti to work

    I am having trouble getting this card to work under HS. I have following every tutorial here and there (enabling SIP before installation, disabling SIP after it, using VWebDriverLibValFix.kext And after installing it, it boots but I get three failure modes: monitor loses signal after Apple logo (but caps lock key works) Stuck in Apple logo and half-filled bar Reboots after Apple logo without any error nor KP and nv_disable=1 won't work (I have to delete all nvidia kexts under recovery.to make it boot. Does anyone had succes with a 1050Ti? Thank you
  4. Derek12

    Can't reinstall

    I am reinstalling HS and I face an issue After the first step in install (format the drive and proceed before the first reboot) I cannot proceed because when booting the new drive Installation from preboot I get this error in verbose mode The SSD is OK and I tried multiple times, I aldo have the latest APFS.efi Any help would be appreciated, thanks <script> </script>
  5. Derek12

    install 17A405

    Thanks nv_disable=1 doesn't work, nor safe mode, nor anything , it now sometimes reboots after Apple logo and in verbose mode, a console message saying IOConsoleUsers keeps flickering., othertimes the screen just goes black. WOW never had any issue with nvidia web drivers, I will watch the Nvidia web driver thread and see if more people have this!. The only different thing is that the installer throw a error in the middle but I just let it to continue I think the next thing is a reinstall and avoid installing nvidia drivers until a solution is available
  6. Derek12

    install 17A405

    Many Thanks I had to boot from macos installer and it updated successfully (now I have to fix a black screen after Apple logo after installing Nvidia web drivers )
  7. Derek12

    install 17A405

    I have installed High Sierra (build 17A365) and got an update (probably 17A405 which solves the disk bug, I downloaded and restarted then message on black screen appeared then rebooted macOS booted as always without installing anything and now App Store says I do not have any updates but I am still on 17A365 Any help on how to install 17A405 would be appreciated. Many thanks.
  8. Derek12

    Mac os High sierra installation attempts

    Here it installs successfully updating from Sierra Only issues was USB was not working at first (needed USBInjectAll) macOS partition not showing up in Clover (needed apfs.efi) and lack of Nvidia web driver Note that if you have hidden volumes in Clover in some cases you will have to unhide them or Clover won't show the installer, happened to me.
  9. how did you managed to get it running? I tried changing the info.plist in the same way (17A291m instead of 17A291j) and it gets stuck on Apple logo with half bar filled when I enable Nvidia.
  10. update: I though I had the USBInjectall kext but I haven't... I got confused by a Clover folder used for my laptop, which required it. I jus installed it and now USB works Now trying to get Nvidia web drivers to work but as far I read, we must wait for Nvidia to release it for HS
  11. Here you are. thanks iMac de Christian.zip
  12. Thank you I tried applying the patch via Clover Configurator as shown here but still not working. Am I doing something wrong?
  13. Thank you my moo is Asus H110M-K D3 I think the cause is the USBInjectall kext, maybe is not ready for High Sierra Anyway I attach the required data Send me iMac de Christian.zip CLOVER.zip
  14. I have upgraded to High Sierra and through installation without any hiccup and even upgraded to APFS so I added the apfs.efi driver to Clover. Except that now it boots to the login screen and can't do anything because no USB port is working so no mouse and keyboard. No USB port is working nor USB 3 or USB 2 front or back. The computer isn't frozen because the clock in top right is running. The only Kexts I use are for network and sound and no DSDT as everything except those works OOB. Thank you
  15. Derek12

    kernel panic machine check

    Thanks After Windows 10 BSOD'd again (WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR) I realized it was my CPU undervolt has become unstable (I had it long time ago and was stable, memtest and Prime95) so I reverted to stock and seems to be fine, no BSODS nor KP. Anyway I will run your commands in case of something being corrupt while the computer was unstable