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  1. [?]imac G5 iSight / Intel early 2006 17" DC-DC pinout & inverter inpout i have G5 iSight 17", i am wondering the DC-DC pin out and also the pin out for the 17" inverter, i am planning to reuse the PSU and the LCD, but i want to know what the DC-DC can provide and what are the pin out for the inverter DC-DC Inverter:
  2. [?] Speedsteps and Cores

    can u tel me where do i see if my sped setp is working?
  3. [?] Speedsteps and Cores 1) how do i check if speed step is working? 2) how do i know i am using both Cores instead of 1 i have the following installed: Snow Leopard 10.6.6 voodooPower ACPI voodooBattery voodooHDA 32bit mode Hardware Spec OCZ Avenger 2 / Clevo M72xR Core 2 Duo T7100 (going to upgrade to T9300) 4GB DDR2 500GB 7200rpm Seagate Atheros N card Realtek 8100 Ethernet Intel GMA3100 ENE MR510 PCI Card Reader (no driver...anyone?)
  4. X3100 Snow Leopard 64bit

    where and how?
  5. X3100 Snow Leopard 64bit

    X3100 Snow Leopard 64bit i can't get it working, i tried the 10.6.3 and 10.6.6 both, and even with graphic enabler, it still not work, i read somewhere that X3100 has no 64bit driver, but others tell me that the 10.6.3/.4 update has driver in there...????
  6. let me know if you find the proper dsdp
  7. [Help] Dell / HP IR remote in SL how do i get that to work? i have Dell inspirion 1420 and 1520
  8. the one you order is AR5BXB72, which is atheros chip, i thought atheros has no 64bit drivers
  9. [Advise] Dell Inspiron 1520 +BT + Wifi +SL = ??? I am able to install my Dell Inspiron 1520 with Universial SnowOSX V3.6, but i also ran into some problem: 1) Wifi not working, i am aware that Intel 4965AGN not supported, Atheros has no 64bit driver, can someone recommand me what mini-pci-express card i should buy that has 64bit and SL support? EDIT: Found 1 solution for Atheros chip Wifi http://osx86.net/f57/installing-snow-leopa...3735/page3.html 2) in bios it detects BT, but i can't seems to get BT working. 3) shutdown/restart problem, the screen goes black but it wont cut off power or restart, unless with force. 4) the onboard network BCM440X, keep telling me unpluged, how i fix that? 5) how do i get the onboard IR working? i thinking using the remote... 6) the CPU detection is wrong, it says 3.0Ghz, and how do i know how many COREs are enable? any advice on any? specs: Intel T7250 C2D 2.0Ghz 4GB DDR 800Mhz Geforce 8400GS 128MB - (NVenabler) Conext Sound - (VoodooHDR) Intel 4695AGN / Atheros 5008 BroadCom BT...
  10. Asus Eee T91?

    does ur bluetooth works?
  11. eeepc 1001ha Snow Leopard

    can u send me a pm too? i have 1000HE and i having hard to even to install leopard 15.8 (ideneb 1.6 dvd...)
  12. Iphone OS X image

    whats wow...????waht u refering to?
  13. Iphone OS X image ------------------------- i am currently working on ARM9 Dev kit/board, i wonder where can i get iphone's OS X image or guide to install it to my ARM dev system. i have micro2440 ARM9 533mhz dev board, which have exact or very close to same as iphone spec...