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  1. Wtf...that's not even the wireless icon for Airport in OS X. Do you have 3rd party Wireless tools like the RALink stuff installed? Anyway...to answer your question, to get rid of it, hold the command key and drag it off of the taskbar.
  2. I just finished getting 10.5.2 up and running and it is great except for not supporting my network cards. I was wondering if anyone hows how to get either the Intel Pro/1000 PT or GT (preferably the PT) up and running. I've tried all kinds of ID changing in the plist files for the appleintel8254x kext as well as the 'small-tree' commercial driver, however I cannot seem to get either card to work. Anyone have any ideas?
  3. Bootcamp: Technical Discussion

    It is definetely the core duo. It absolutely destroys the P4s for gaming.
  4. Streamlined XP CD with drivers included?

    releasing a ghost image or an XP ISO would be illegal. However, releasing nlite profiles and packages would be legal
  5. That's not bravery, it is stupidity
  6. I have been trying everything to get my tv tuner card, a hauppauge winTV go, working under osx86. It is a bt878 chipset with a phillips NTSC tuner which is arguably the most well supported combination of hardware on any OS. I am running OSX86 10.4.4 in VESA 3.0 mode with a SSE3 kernel. I got a working x86 kext out of iTV 0.4, BUT iTV 0.4 wont launch (someone here said it needs openGL, and I am in VESA mode so that may be why). I believe the kext works because when I load it, it makes a new device, /dev/bktr0, and there also also some messages in the kernel log files that say a bunch of stuff about my tv tuner, about how it has been associated with the driver and whatnot. I tried XTv, but for XTv, the app seems to launch, but not get any input and I don't think it sees the device. The app looks a little funny to me, and I don't think it is working 100%, most likely because it needs openGL too. So, I downloaded the source to xTV and noticed it had its own bt8xx.kext, which could possibly make xtv work, lo-and-behold, the precompiled one is a PPC binary, and compiling it fails (as does compiling almost anything else in the xtv source tree). Lastly, my search ended at mplayer. Having used linux often, I was overjoyed to hear mplayer existed for OS X, surely this was the solution. In linux, a simple mplayer -tv driver=bttv and all the other video in/out options works flawlessly, and is a great testing method. I googled up on what the "driver" would be for os x, and I came up with driver=bsdbt848. I gave it a try, and it said driver not found. It was kind enough however to give me a green window that said using null dummy driver, so at least mplayer is not broken. I also tried tons of driver and device variations (/dev/bktr0) with/without specifying a driver, but NOTHING worked. So here is where I ask for help Does anyone know how I can get my tv tuner working? Thanks in advance
  7. TranSport what tv tuner card do you have?
  8. Mac Mini Video Kexts

    If it uses a core duo, it will probably be the 945PM chipset. http://www.intel.com/products/chipsets/945pm/
  9. iTV for OSx86?

    iTV (the intel build) doesnt work for me, icon bobs around for under a second and then just disappears. The bt8xx.kext surprisingly loads flawlessly though. There is also an app called xtv, who's bt8xx.kext DOESNT work, but the app does. I have tried to get xtv working with the itv kext but have had no success.
  10. Does anybody know how to get the AHCI drive to work for a ICH6R controller in RAID mode with a non-RAID disk. Basically, I have a RAID 0 for my drives in windows, but i have a 3rd SATA disk on teh controller that is NOT in RAID. This standalone disk is therefore on an AHCI port, but the controller is set to RAID. Is it a simple matter of changing device IDs in the kext? <Answered my own question> I modified the info.plist in the kext and changed the IDs of the ICH7-M to that of my ICH6R and now it works great.
  11. The c-media 9880 on my Asus P5GDC Deluxe works perfectly with 0 tweaking required, although only in 2 channel mode (green jack). The marvell Gig-E controller however does not work. Seems that realtek's piece of doodle ethernet chipsets are actually coming in handy with this project. it switched s**t for doodle
  12. Hacked PS/2 Driver :)

    if it works for one PS/2 keyboard, it will work for all of them.
  13. Works fine on my machine. Both my USB 2.0 memory stick and USB 1.1 card reader (sd + cf combined) work fine. My USB controller is the onboard Intel ICH6R southbridge on an Asus motherboard with teh Intel 915P chipset.
  14. Method: Disk image written to partition using dd in gentoo linux (installed natively, not a cdrom). Reverted to original coregraphics since I have an SSE3 CPU (Intel Pentium 4 540, otherwise known as 3.2ghz prescott core P4, LGA775). Hardware: Asus P5GDC Motherboard, Intel 915P nothbridge, ICH6R southbridge: Onboard C-Media 9880 "Azalia" HD Audio - worked immediately on booting, green output jack. Kextstat revealed an AppleAzaliaAudio kext at work, not an AC97 kext. Onboard Marvell Gigabit Ethernet - not working Onboard Firewire 400 - worked immediately on booting Onboard USB 2.0 Provided by Intel ICH6 Southbridge - worked immediately on boot. Onboard SATA (ICH6R southbridge)- Works in when not in AHCI or RAID mode, but I have it set to RAID. Onboard IDE RAID (ITE Tech. 8212F chipset) - NOT working in any mode. Onboard IDE (ICH6R southbridge) - Works with no tweaking needed or any issues. Audigy 2 ZS Sound card : Its firewire is detected and works, the sound does not. Tv tuner (BT878 chipset): not working NVIDIA Geforce 6600GT (PCI Express): -Booted and ran without any issues or tweaking needed -Running in VESA 3.0 mode -Resolution change successful through boot parameter AND/OR plist editing HOWEVER specifying refresh rate at 1280x1024x32 causes reboot loop. Since I have an LCD, refresh rate does not matter, so I set it to "1280x1024x32", and it runs great. I tried @60, 70, and 75 and they all caused teh reboot loop issue. My advice it to run it at whatever apple's 1280x1024x32 default is. I do NOT need to specify platform x86 or any {censored} like that for the resolution to work USB 1.1 card reader, USB 2.0 memory stick: -Automounts fine on insertion, both devices run at their proper speeds. D-Link DWL-G122 USB Wireless Adapter (A2 revision with PRISM GT USB chipset): -Does not work. -Tried apple PrismGT USB driver from their site, would give architecture error (expected PPC, found i386). -Seems I am one of the few unlucky bastards with teh A revision . The B sports a RT2500USB chipset which seems to work with a special driver in osx86, and also in linux, where as mine has no osx86 hope, and kernel panics after a few minutes in linux with ndiswrapper. NTFS Volumes on supported controllers: -Automounts fine, no tweaking needed Software: - So far the only software I have used which requires rosetta is itunes. It did NOT work until I reverted to the original SSE3 coregraphics from teh dev DVD. Works GREAT now. - System boots very fast, shuts down and turns machine off fine (no ACPI issues)
  15. RAID can't run osx x86?

    Is my own RAID 0 "real world" enough for you. Writing files is close (75%) to twice as fast as with a single drive. Reading is most likely as fast but I dont have any good way to test that.