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  1. 5 different EDIDs?

    Its really interesting to see your code as my is working totally different. I think, too that it should be possible with a injection into dsdt, some guys from thinkpad section also managed that internal display problem. Someone just told that but I never saw it. You know i just worked 3 weeks with that problem and i have no ideas anymore how to solve this. We need really some guru here.
  2. 5 different EDIDs?

    ..................................... <---- what code is above ?? ..................................... <---- Name (EDI1, Buffer (0x80)
  3. Sony Vaio VPCF115FM Discussion: DSDT Injection

    I have no EDID information in my dsdt, so i cant tell you but i remember reading this somewhere I think from Alexander that he also found this like you but didn´t help either. he deleted all and leaved only one edid information but no result
  4. Sony Vaio VPCF115FM Discussion: DSDT Injection

    It must to do with the "NVDAResman.kext" as when you delete this and reboot the system the internal display works. but I´m not for sure if this is really NVDAResman problem... . One thing i want to add. I remember i found on this forum someone who had a asus notebook, too that was very similar to my and for him everything worked fine. I tried to use his dsdt and I had the same issue (it was lucky that his dsdt worked with my notebook). Strange is that my Display Model is indeed a "NVIDIA DEFAULT DISPLAY". nvidia display that dont work with nvidia drivers is really heavy duty. Nevermind we should keep going to solve this. I see it as a challenge but my ideas are all gone now as non of my ideas worked(maybe because I was also focused like you that it is a DSDT Problem). with best wishes, hectory
  5. Sony Vaio VPCF115FM Discussion: DSDT Injection

    Hi AlexanderPD, I dont have a sony vaio laptop but an asus laptop having the same issue with unknown internal display. My Display Model name is NVD0800. As I understood the quote above you mean that NVD0xxx should work ? My is not working. I hope that we can some day fix this, I really would love to have osx on my laptop. I already tried a lot of things that came to my mind to solve this but everything failed. What is your progress so far what are you thinking just keep us up to date so we can think together. Maybe we should just made one thread about "internal displays not recognized" not only for sony vaios but also from other notebooks. In that thread we should make a list with non working displays (Im speaking about displays that are not recognized at all, not for those which can be fixed by adding EDID,... .)
  6. CharredPC can you help me i have a blackscreen after the applebootlogo but i managed to look up information about settings via teamviewer as i thought there is no support about my internal lcd. do you know how to add manual support via edid here are 2 pictures i hope you can help me