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  1. Sureiyaa

    Force Windows 7 install DVD to do an EFI Boot

    Does anybody know if the April 2010 Core i5/i7 MacBook Pros support UEFI 2.x? I'm considering to buy one of the Core i5/i7 MBPs but I also want to try Windows 7 in pure UEFI/GPT mode.
  2. Is it legal to make a backup copy of the SL installation disc? I'm rather paranoiac about scratches and other kinds of damages to the disc. In case it is legal, is it easy to back up? Do I just use Disk Utility?
  3. Sureiyaa

    Just the fan control?

    Same here. I would love to see a fan-control-only program, particularly since the remapping and backlight control functions are not much needed anymore (the latest versions of BootCamp do the job for me).
  4. Exactly. 65 degrees is not a temperature at which you can comfortably put the MBP on your lap, yet the smc leaves it like that and lets the fans run at the lowest speed.
  5. I have a first generation Core Duo MacBook Pro I'm starting to suspect that the macbook pro fan speed as controlled by the smc is actually not related to the cores' or any other part's temperature. What I observe is a very inconsistent trend if I compare temperature with fan speed. My hypothesis now is that the smc actually sets the fan speed according to cpu usage. I notice that the fans seem to miraculously run faster when I'm compiling a program or when Opera runs into some heavy routine of JavaScript. When the CPU usage is low, the MBP can be sitting there at 65 degrees Celcius (or 149 Fahrenheit) and the smc would leave the fans at 1000 rpm. Is anybody else seeing the same trend?
  6. Sureiyaa

    Input Remapper 1.0.03 Release

    I'm curious. Is the source code for Input Remapper available for download anywhere? Why is it not already on SourceForge?
  7. Sureiyaa

    How to uninstall Boot Camp 1.1 Keyboard Drivers

    In think that before using the Device Manager to update the drivers, you really need to kill off the KbdMgr.exe process first, otherwise KbdMgr.exe will keep putting back the Apple Keyboard Support drivers. Deleting the "C:\Program Files\Apple Keyboard Support" folder also isn't the most graceful solution in my eyes because Windows would still look for the executable at startup. What I do is to disable the corresponding startup registry key altogether: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\Apple_KbdMgr
  8. Does somebody know which component does each temperature reading correspond to? For instance, I know that TC0D is the temperature of the battery on my Core Duo 2.16 GHz 15" MacBook Pro. I figured it out because the reading becomes -128 C when I remove the battery. How about the other ones?
  9. I'm using Input Remapper 1.0.01 beta on a Core Duo MacBook Pro. How can I change the granularity of the volume control key combinations (fn+F4 and fn+F5)? I find the default granularity too coarse.