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  1. [Asus U36SD] - a few dsdt questions

    Hey Claudio! I must have missed your previous question. Can also confirm EVO 750 perfectly working on my U36SD. I have tried to install El Capitan, unfortunately i couldnt get it to work in 100%. Cant remember what went wrong. Been recently thinking about an upgrade to Sierra but after El Cap fail im not really convinced.
  2. AppleHDA Patching Problem

    UPDATE: Ive managed to make it work using Mirone's AppleHDA kext for ALC269 and manual DSDT edit for layout-id=3. If someone is interested, i attach kext i have used below. Please make sure you edit your HDEF section with proper layout id, otherwise kext won't work. AppleHDA-269.25-ALC269-Universal.zip
  3. AppleHDA Patching Problem

    I attach KP photo, but i dont think my problem is DSDT related to be honest. I have also checked System Report and found out Audio ID which is 28 under Audio details. Is it normal? Maybe i should change layout-id to 28 instead of 13?
  4. AppleHDA Patching Problem

    Thanks for fast response. Unfortunately im having KP on boot when using your DSDT.
  5. AppleHDA Patching Problem

    Hi guys, I know that there are different patching solutions available but unfortunately nothing doesnt work for me. Im still on Yosemite (having sleep/shutdown problems on El Capitan), using modified AppleHDA and IOAudioFamily kexts. Sound works ok (doesnt work after sleep but it really doesnt make a problem for me), but currently bought Creative HD webcam and unfortunately biuld in mic is not recognized in Yosemite. When i delete modified IOAudioFamily.kext, webcam microphone is properly recognized but i dont have no sound at all. I tried to patch vanilla AppleHDA using AppleHDA Patcher but still no luck. Can someone have a look at this and help me with patch? I am on Asus U36SD, DPCIManager showes Realtek ALC269 (Audio Device 0x80861C20, Sub Device 0x80861BA3, Codec ID 0x10EC0269, Revision 0x0100). Booting with legacy Clover and patched DSDT. I attach my DSDT below. Thanks in advance! DSDT.aml.zip
  6. [Asus U36SD] - a few dsdt questions

    Well, i have finally solved both glitches problems ) Iv managed to fix glitches on boot using solution from this post: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/300431-glitches-on-boot/ Basically you have to patch iographicsfamily.kext. Another problem - screen artifacts. I realised that i missed "slide=0" argument. After adding this everything works like a charm! Im kind of busy at the moment and still didnt try to sort out USB3.0, LAN and card reader. Im attaching kexts im using and config.plist. There is no point to share dsdt and ssdt because of hardware differences. kexts YOSEMITE.zip
  7. Glitches on boot

    Artur-pt you are the boss !! Ive used this patch and it solved my problem: <key>KernelAndKextPatches</key> <dict> <key>KextsToPatch</key> <array> <dict> <key>Comment</key> <string>Second Stage Boot1</string> <key>Find</key> <data> hcB0XUg= </data> <key>Name</key> <string>IOGraphicsFamily</string> <key>Replace</key> <data> McB0W0g= </data> </dict> <dict> <key>Comment</key> <string>Second Stage Boot2</string> <key>Find</key> <data> QYjE6wM= </data> <key>Name</key> <string>IOGraphicsFamily</string> <key>Replace</key> <data> QYjE6yM= </data> </dict> </array> </dict>
  8. Glitches on boot

    Ive menaged to make almost fully working Yosemite on my laptop, but one thing annyoing me so far. Im having weird screen glitches on boot. There is proper white apple logo with progress bar, and then it gets glitchy just a moment before login screen. After that everything is fine. Realised that problem doesnt occur when im booting with external monitor plugged in. Anyone having this issue? Or maybe some clues how to fix it? First stage of boot: Second stage of boot (just before login screen):
  9. [Asus U36SD] - a few dsdt questions

    Yosemite beta is out so i think its time for little update! Yesterday i did fresh install of Yosemite BETA1. Prepared installer using this great tool: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/299865-clover-v2k-r2780-special-edition-yosemite-beta/ Very easy and fast way to make bootable usb stick! After that ive copied config.plist, patched DSDT and SSDT im using to boot my Mountain Lion partition. Installation went very smooth. Didnt have to set any of boot arguments. After installation keyboard and touchpad didnt work so ive had to use usb set. Finally i got to desktop and could install all needed kexts. Kexts ive used was actually the same im using in MountainLion: - ApplePS2Trackpad.kext - for touchpad - ApplePS2Controller.kext - for keyboard and ASUS fn keys - AppleHDA.kext, IOAudioFamily.kext - for audio - AppleACPIPlatform, AppleSmartBatteryManager.kext - for battery - AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB.kext - for VGA (this is the only 10.10 kext ive installed so far) At the moment i have working full QE/CI with VGA out, wifi, battery, sound, keyboard and touchpad with multitouch. Today i will try to install kexts for USB3.0, card reader and LAN. There is also very few issues: - Strange glitches on boot when Apple logo goes to login screen (problem doesnt occur when external monitor is connected) - i will post image later - Sometimes im having graphic glitches, pretty similar to those i had in MountainLion sometimes but much more. I was searching internet to find solution and looks like the issue is connected somehow with clover. Will search for solution and post here if i find one. I can attach used kexts if needed. Good hack!
  10. [Asus U36SD] - a few dsdt questions

    I dont think this is a good idea to use UEFI boot on flash drive. I couldn't get it to work till i installed Clover on EFI partition of my HDD. I've also found out in your logs that Clover is patching DSDT: 99:099 0:061 ========= Auto patch DSDT Starting ======== 99:154 0:055 VideoCard devID=0x105010DE 99:209 0:055 DisplayADR1[0] = 0x10000, DisplayADR2[0] = 0x0 99:264 0:055 Display 0 is notPCIE 99:319 0:055 VideoCard devID=0x1168086 99:374 0:054 DisplayADR1[1] = 0x20000, DisplayADR2[1] = 0xFFFE 99:429 0:055 Display 1 is notPCIE 99:487 0:057 USBADR[0] = 0x1A0000 and PCIe = 0xFFFE 99:543 0:055 Found Airport Atheros at 0x1C0001, 0x0 99:598 0:055 USBADR[1] = 0x1C0003 and PCIe = 0x0 99:653 0:055 USBADR[2] = 0x1D0000 and PCIe = 0xFFFE 99:708 0:055 Found ACPI CPU: CPU0 And CPU1 And CPU2 And CPU3 And CPU4 And CPU5 And CPU6 And CPU7 100:205 0:496 Found PCIROOTUID = 0 100:260 0:055 ========= Auto patch DSDT Finished ======== There is no point to do that if you have own DSDT in ACPI/patched folder. You wrote that you have fakeSMC in 10.9 folder but Clover is loading kexts from 10.8?? 101:907 0:056 FSInjection:, injecting kexts from: 'EFI\CLOVER\kexts\10.8'OnSimpleFileSystem occured 102:079 0:172 - done! 102:136 0:057 Injecting kexts for arch=i386 from EFI\CLOVER\kexts\10.8 I recommend you to boot Clover in standard legacy mode insted of UEFI and use second flash drive with myHack installer. Then after 10.9 is installed and you are satisfied from results, try with Clover installed to your HDD. Could you attach your config.plist??
  11. [SUCCESS] Asus Vivobook s400c

    Man, check out this topic: http://forum.osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/1948-elan-touchpad-driver-mac-os-x/ Download version 2.8.3 and install. If you dont have Elantech touchpad, you can use only kext for keyboard. I already use it on my ASUS U36SD. Fn keys works fine!
  12. Hey. Try attached kext. I have use it to enable VGA on HD3000. It may also work on HD4000. It works on 10.8.x as well as 10.9 kext vga.zip
  13. Intel hd3000 artifacts.

    Tluck i've never tried with custom EDID. Understand that you have to inject it by yourself or is it automatically injected by clover?? I ask because some time ago when i've tried to build my first hackintosh using chameleon, glitches were almost everywhere. Since i've started to using Clover about 7 months ago, glitches are gone (had like 2 issues in past 7 months). PS. i've also realised that updating fakeSMC sometimes cause a problem with artifacts.
  14. Intel hd3000 artifacts.

    Plug myhack installer when you are already in clover and press esc - it should refresh devices.
  15. Intel hd3000 artifacts.

    You need 2 flash drives. One with myHack installer and second with clover. Plug in Clover flash drive and boot from it. Then if you get to bootloader menu plug second stick with myHack installer and press esc, you should be able to see myHack usb stick in menu. Clover doesnt have Extra folder. If you have DSDT and SSDT patched already, put them in ACPI/patched folder in clovers flash drive. If not, you can use Clover to generate fresh DSDT and apply some patches.