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  1. Hope it leaks soon. Yes, it's under NDA, but the builds aren't signed, there's no way of knowing who it's from.
  2. Dell Inspiron Mini 9 ?

    The Mini9 has an ALC268 audio chip, which appears to work (http://www.insanelymac.com/lofiversion/index.php/t96434.html) It also seems to have some sort of built-in 3G card or something (http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2329426,00.asp). Don't know the model, don't know if it'll be supported. I was going to buy the Mini9, but then I found the Acer Aspire One. It's the same price (£299), but it's got 120Gb storage. In white, it can look alright. Not as good as the Dell, but still not bad. The trackpad isn't as good either (buttons on the sides). Still, I'm willing to live with that, if it means I can have more than 8Gb of memory (my iPhone has more than that). Oh, and it's confirmed to run OSx86. The Aspire's WiFi card is an Atheros 5007EG, which is confirmed not working. You can, however, replace it with a bcm94311mcag (about £15 from eBay and some disassembly), and it'll work fine (confirmed).
  3. Will you buy it?

    From what I've seen so far, SL looks like it'll be a great release. I've got a MacBook (black, penryn), and any more performance I can squeeze out of it is fantastic. I think it'll be $69 - it's not enough for a full release, but more than a free upgrade. It's the same price as iWork, which is fine. Oh, and WinFS isn't a kernel. It's a relational database-based filesystem. It was removed because it performed badly.
  4. IS the ToH DVD available then? I've checked the demon and the 'bay, but it's nowhere to be had. ToH said they'd release it ages ago - I'm looking for an SSE2 dvd :S
  5. L34p4rd x2

    I think SSE2 support only requires a few chagned files (if it isn't just the kernel). Hopefully a patch will be out for the retail dvd.
  6. L34p4rd x2

    Great news! I was fearing it would take ages for this, so I'm really glad to see it's already done. Although I have just seen that I can buy a new (OEM) prescoot for £50, so I might just do that as a mini-upgrade (it's the best I can get on S478)
  7. I think what Parallels will do is implement drivers (like a virtual TPM for key storage) for OSX that are intended to be used to allow OSX virtual machines on a mac. But since parallels can only simulate a beige box, those same drivers could be used to improve OSx86 compatibility. There's nothing else I can think of, Parallels Desktop only being available on the mac (how would EFI emulation in the parallels machine help us? It has to be something we can transfer to our boxes).
  8. I'm betting on a virtual TPM
  9. does anybody have any suggestions?
  10. Hey everybody! I installed JaS.10.4.8.AMD.Intel.SSE2.SSE3.iso on my Vaio FE11S laptop, but I'm not getting any USB support. That means no USB keyboard or mouse support, and no external HDD support. Looking at the system.log file, I see this: kld(): undefined symbol: __ZN24IOBufferMemoryDescriptor17getVirtualSegmentEmPm kextload(): kld_load_from_memory failed This happens for most kexts inside the IOUSBFamily.kext's plugins directory. Unfortunatley, without USB, I can't transfer the data to Windows to get the kext names. I have an Intel® 82801GB ICH7 IO Controller. I've also tried installing the USB2.0 fix (10.4.7 IOUSBFamily + AppleUSBEHCI replacement). I've searched and found people having less-than-optimal USB2.0 speed, but I'm not getting any support at all. The system profiler shows nothing under the USB tab. Anyone have any ideas? Many thanks, Karl
  11. 10.4.8 live/install DVD with semthex kernel

    double ditto. If the semthex kernel could be slapped in, as well as ATI/NVIDIA titan, it would be even better
  12. Is a Mac really more secure?

    Just remember that it's thanks to Bill that Apple still exist. As much as I like OSX, you cannot deny that Vista is the most secure version of Windows yet. It has lots of very clever security systems. Whether or not it will be enough is something for time to tell, but it certainly is a major step in the right direction. And that dialog you are talking about is UAC. It does prompt you for a password if you are not an administrator (which is the recommended setting). The account you make at setup is an administrator account (just like OSX), so try it with a standard account. Well, it's been available since November (in fact, long before that, but RTM was in November). It's now January and no real exploits have been found. I'd say that's pretty good going, considering how many people are trying to find holes in Vista.
  13. give it up. This thread is way old, with no progress. It seems somebody made it for fun, to excite people.
  14. they need physical disk support, then I'll consider parallels
  15. -Archive- Macefix86 2006 -Archive-

    ok, Superhai: that last EfiLdr you posted is good. No shell Screenshot So that was just a recompile without the shell, yes? In any case, try and come on IRC.