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  1. Hi all! I´ve been using the 755 for some time now and have a Kext that has always gotten my Dells to produce sound. Try it if you wish, install it easiest with Kexthelper or similar to eliminate the problems with permissions. AppleAzaliaAudio.kext.zip
  2. Hi, thats kind of strange. I´m also using 4Gb and everything is detected and used by the system, and Activitymonitor sees all the memory installed... 10.4.9 netkas 8.9.1 kernel Intel Core2Duo 2,13 Intel 965 Motherboard Nvidia 7600GT
  3. Dell Optiflex 745 and Broadcom NIC

    I have the same problem on a Optiplex 745, please help us resolve this issue. I´ve tried every single trick in the book but as soon as I set the MAC address I get the same error
  4. Cube Effect on MacOS x86?

    I had the same problem with my GMA950. I had to remove the GMA950 kexts and the Intel Integrated graphis related files then use the AppelIntel915* plugins from 10.4.5. After that the cube is back. For multiple desktops you could use virtue.