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  1. Hi all, I have an acer Aspire One D150 running Leopard 10.5.8 iATKOS install. Whenever i try to exit from a fullscreen application such as a game or keynote the computer goes to sleep. And thats a problem because sleep doesn't work. It will go to sleep, but then will immediately wake up and not respond with a blank screen. Any help would be appreciated! Acer Aspire One D150 iATKOS v7 10.5.7 upped to 10.5.8 2gb ram otherwise stock hardware
  2. Snow Leopard 10.6.7 issues

    @clpws00 No, I still don't have sleep working. It be a nice feature, but it doesn't seem that it would work without native power management. Glad you could get sound working! I'll have to look into a new sound card myself. However, I have a new question. It's kinda unrelated, but before I installed snow leopard on a separate drive, I had an 80GB internal HDD i stored a lot of data on, but with snow leopard, I had to remove that drive. So on this drive, I only used 80GB of the 160GB for snow leopard, and the other 80 for my data. But I need to format that partition as NTFS to store my large files. However I'm afraid that since it's a GPT disk, that it will format the whole disk instead of just the partition. Would it, or is it safe to go ahead and format it?
  3. Acer Aspire One D150 Sleep Fix

    Nope. It didn't work. EDIT: I read somewhere that sleep may work with AppleIntelCPUPM loaded, but I can't get it loaded with the Atom n270. Is there a way to get it loaded with my processor? (Even if I get a KP because it loaded, at least it's progress.) I also read that it would work with Voodoo Power/USBEHCI loaded and SleepEnabler. But I get a "couldn't alloc class voodooUSBEHCI" I read that it can be fixed by adding it's dependency to IOUSBFamily, but the guide link is dead. Any Ideas?
  4. Acer Aspire One D150 Sleep Fix

    Hi all I successfully installed iATKOS v7 using this guide, but after reading through it, i found no fix for the sleep issue. I'm now running 10.5.8 with the Legacy 10.5.7 kernel and have tried many fixes, but none worked. When I click sleep, or it sleeps automatically, it will shut off as if going to sleep, but then turn back on and will not respond; the screen remains black. I have to then restart. Any advice?
  5. Snow Leopard 10.6.7 issues

    I'm not sure what graphics update your talking about, but try this for your graphics... 1. Open up your iATKOS CD 2. Hit Command-Shift-G and type in System/Installation/Packages/vga, then hit Enter 3. Find the Packages you installed originally and reinstall them. (most likely in the nvidia and efistrings folders) 4. Reboot and see what happens. 5. If it fails, install all the nvidia packages. (may not work) I'm not sure it will work, but give it a shot.
  6. Snow Leopard 10.6.7 issues

    Your kernel isn't mach_kernel with iATKOS S3 V2 i don't think (mine was called custom) so heres what you should do. 1. Back up USB, Wireless, and any other custom kexts in S/L/E and the kernels (mach & custom) 2. Use the 10.6.7 combo update from software update 3. Reboot and reinstall USB and wireless kexts (my wireless and USB did not work after the update) 4. Reboot and apply the 10.6.7 legacy kernel. OR 4. Reboot and try to use the vanilla kernel. I did it this way and it worked like a charm. It should work for you since we have identical systems (beside wireless card)
  7. DSDT for Dell Dimension 3000

    Here you go. kextstat.rtf
  8. Snow Leopard 10.6.7 issues

    Nope, it's only identified as a display controller.
  9. DSDT for Dell Dimension 3000

    Tried it and again, Nothing. Oh well, maybe a solution will come up soon.
  10. Snow Leopard 10.6.7 issues

    OK, thanks. I'll try VoodooHDA and see what happens. My Geforce is identified as a display controller. EDIT: Tried VoodooHDA and it didn't work. Guess I won't be using headphones on here. Another EDIT: Is there a certain configuration i can use to get all the channels to change volume all together? I got it to work under Leopard. The sound comes out of channels 3 and 6 but their volumes change with channels 4 and 5 respectively.
  11. DSDT for Dell Dimension 3000

    Nope, still nothing.
  12. Snow Leopard 10.6.7 issues

    I checked again and it's identified as ICH5 ID:24d5 8086. Does this mean it's identified correctly, or if not, what ID do i replace it with? This is my audio from the Documentation: AC97, Sound Blaster Emulation, ADI 1980 audio controller with 2.1 implementation EDIT: I think I found the correct ID (AC'97 Audio Controller CardVendor 0x1028 card 0x019d) will try editing it and seeing what happens Another EDIT: Tried it and no longer have audio. I don't think i did it right.
  13. DSDT for Dell Dimension 3000

    OK I tried it, and sleep still restarts computer. Everything else works fine though.
  14. DSDT for Dell Dimension 3000

    Tried it and I got Unsupported CPU Kernel Panic. Not sure if my P4 supports SpeedStep but i am using Chameleon RC5 Using ForceHPET=Yes as boot flag gets AppleHPET and AppleLPC loaded. Or was that in the DSDT you sent me?
  15. Snow Leopard 10.6.7 issues

    OK I checked the plist and the ID in System Info (Class ID: 0401) isn't there so, what do I put in and where?