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  1. enlarging hfs+ partition

    Hi guys, I wanted just to mention that it is possible to create and use HFS+ slices (means partitions) from another OS than OS X ! FreeBSD is the answer, my favourite OS ! There is a version of newfs_hfs available from Darwin 6.6 (MacOS X 10.2.6) + needed kernel modules and mount_hfs! I tried to mount my to harddisk dd'ed with tiger-x86, but no success since the HFS used by the image is a bit too new. FreeBSD HFS+ Page But you will be able to use slices formatted with the FreeBSD version of HFS+, just add a new slice with fdisk and then run newfs_hfs on it. Boot into your OS X, everthing should be fine and there is a new drive appearing on your Desktop ! But be sure you cannot install Software on this slice, you will have to find a way resizing your partition. Try a Gentoo Install CD, I think they have a patched version of parted included with their distrib.