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  1. So here's the back story: I've been meaning to upgrade my mac mini so it supports wifi. Then I remembered I had a nintendo wifi connector kicking around that I wasn't using, so I thought, "Ah, what the heck" and tried to see if there was either a specific driver or any that could be modified and used. I found some information on the hardware(supposedly it's based on the RT2500 chipset) and found that realtek had a mac driver for the chipset on their site, with a little patience I managed to modify the driver's Info.plist and got the driver to detect the hardware. Basically the hardware detects fine, I can set it up, etc. Using the Wireless utility that comes with the driver I noticed under site survey it finds my router alright, but(here's the weird part) when I try to connect, it initially does connect, for maybe a second or two, and then disconnects again. Supposedly this affects other hardware as well using the RT2500. Has anyone else done any work on this or their own driver? Does anyone know if there's a possible fix?
  2. Driver for nForce4 LAN

    Just tried this, and it does indeed work! Now I can finally use my onboard lan. Thanks!
  3. I installed MacOS X a few days ago, and so far it's been working pretty good. The only part I'm having trouble with is networking. My onboard nic is a nforce4 MCP51, which according to the nforce network driver thread isn't supported. So I grabbed a spare network card I had and looked to see if it was supported. According to several reports, it seems the Netgear FA311 is definitely supported by the native drivers, so I tried installing it today. For some really weird reason it isn't working. "ifconfig -a" doesn't return any en* device, "ifconfig en0" returns with an error(saying en0 doesn't exist). So I'm pretty baffled about it. Anyone have any suggestions for what I could try next? Or if anyone has had success with this card, could you please tell me what you did to get it working? Thanks. Oh yeah, the vendor/device id is 100B:0020, and I'm using a Gateway 4015H(Athlon 64 3500 cpu)