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  1. Got it working now, it was an issue with my router. Cheers though
  2. Yeah, like I said it works sometimes so I'm pretty sure all the right options are selected. I'm now thinking it's a problem with my router as I've tried a PCI NIC and have the same problems. Cheers anyway.
  3. I don't think so. I have a powercolor HD3850 512mb and it runs fine with Leo4allv3. Although it gets pretty hot so I hardly use OSX anymore
  4. I'm having some weird problems with WOL and my Neo2-f If the PC has been off for a few hours it can't be woken by WOL. If the PC has been recently switched of (properly shutdown, NOT standby or hibernation) it CAN be woken by WOL. Have you noticed anything similar with your setup? I'm not sure if its a mobo/bios issue, or if maybe it's something to do with my router. Any help would be appreciated though.
  5. So how did you do that exactly?
  6. nadnerb

    Leopard on HP DV1000 Notebook

    No success with Kalyway 10.5.1 or leo4allv3 on my DV1000. Such a shame Has anyone EVER got Leopard running on it?
  7. BUMP!! I have this exact problem with Kalyway 10.5.1 and my DV1000. I selected the Vanilla kernal (with ACPI fix?), the SSE2 option, and MBR. It installed fine but won't boot. I get the mDNSkeychainGetSecrets part in the 2nd picture. I've tried fixing permissions, tried safe mode, single user but nothing gets passed that. Any ideas?
  8. I have since found out that there's no WOL option in the BIOS. I had to change a setting in Windows to get it to work which is weird because I thought WOL is all hardware based. I have it working now. I can now remotely turn on my PC and have it boot up Windows. Then I can login with VNC from my iPod Touch.
  9. This is not related to OSX, but does anyone know if this motherboard supports wake on LAN? Ive had a look through the BIOS but can't see any mention of it.
  10. In my case, that is not true. The artwork (and iTunes DB) is stored in the same place in each OS, on an external FAT32 drive. For example: i:\iTunes\Album Artwork\etc (for windows) volumes\external\iTunes\Album Artwork\etc (for OSX) The problem is that the OSX and Windows versions of iTunes seem to use a different track IDing convention. Although the music databases can be updated to become compatible with that OS it seems the Artwork database structure remains different and cannot be 'fixed'. After adding artwork to albums in both OS you end up with an artwork folder twice the size as it now contains duplicate artwork for every album, they're just named differently. Considering Apple sell their computers stating that they can run both OSX and Windows I'm sure there are lots of genuine users (as opposed to us hackingtoshers) who would want OSX and Win to both read/write the same iTunes database. It seems crazy that Apple haven't implemented a solution to this problem.
  11. I think that's basically how I had mine setup last time I had Leopard installed. Everything seemed to work ok, except for the album art. If I added it in Windows it wouldn't show in OSX. If I then added it in OSX it wouldn't show in Windows even though I had already added artwork with Windows first time around. Have you got artwork showing correctly in both Win and OSX?
  12. Yep, flash the bios first and then you don't need to add cpus=1 If you have Leo4Allv3 then I suggest you follow this guide exactly http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...=109564&hl=
  13. Shutdown is now working and I guess it always was! It seems having a USB device plugged in stops it from shuting down properly. Once I unplugged my iPod and USB stick it shut down without any problems. I also tried sleep which works fine too but like you said it kernel panics when you shut it down after 'sleeping' *edit* Well that seemed to work for a while but now its not shutting down properly any more. I guess it was a coincidence!
  14. I was tempted by iAtkos 10.5.4 too, I guess I'll stick with leo4all. Do you know what 10.5.4 adds? is it just bug fixes anyway? I'll try out some kernels later on and let you know.
  15. Cheers dude! I'm now posting this from a Leo4allv3 install! After trying the DVD in 3 different DVD drives and having the install fail at various points I figured my disk was bad. I reburnt at 4x instead of max speed and the disk booted and installed first time on my SATA drive without any hiccups. I now have everything working, even my hd3850 which seemed to be so much hassle with Kalyway. One slight problem though - I installed the 9.2.2 kernel but I can't shutdown (haven't tried sleep as I never use that feature anyway) I guess I just need to swap it for a different kernel? I have a e2160 cpu if that means anything Thanks again dude, I just presumed some other part of my setup was causing the issue (it seems every part of this PC is the worst part for installing OSX on :censored2: ) oh yeah, it seems I don't even need to boot with -f (or cpus=1 but I have the hacked BIOS)