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  1. Vanilla install on Dell Vostro 1510 - 1520

    The link for the 1510 zip file should be fixed.
  2. Vanilla install on Dell Vostro 1510 - 1520

    The Bios version I used was A02 and there are several tutorials on extracting a ddst as well as modifying and recompiling which are beyond the scope of this tutorial. Try using Google to find this info, as well as tracking down your intermittent networking issues, which are also covered in other threads. This tutorial was written in October of last year right after Snow Leopard was released. Much has changed since then....
  3. Vanilla install on Dell Vostro 1510 - 1520

    I must have misread, thought he was going from iDeneb to Snow Leo. Actually you should be able to do a pretty vannilla install using the retail Leopard disk as well. consult this thread ( http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=97966 ) and look for grub-dfe.iso and you should be able to boot the retail Leopard disk and after install use the Dell Laptop Post intaller for any missing kext. I think you also need voodoo ps2 and voodoo hda as well as some solution for graphics such as efi string or an enabler like nvkush etc.
  4. Vanilla install on Dell Vostro 1510 - 1520

    All you can do is try, but since this guide is specifically for that hardware, I would say you would have a pretty good chance of it working.
  5. Vanilla install on Dell Vostro 1510 - 1520

    Not sure, because mine does not go to sleep when I close the lid. You can look for a program called insomniax, which does work under Snow Leo and has the ability to start at run time and either enable or disable sleep
  6. Vanilla install on Dell Vostro 1510 - 1520

    Should be in power options Something like allow system to sleep when the lid closes or similar.
  7. Vanilla install on Dell Vostro 1510 - 1520

    Just realized my resolution is only at 1280x800 as well, not sure why. I swear it was running 1440x900 prior to 10.6.2 update. What chameleon version is everyone who has full resolution running?
  8. Vanilla install on Dell Vostro 1510 - 1520

    The kernel panic is PROBABLY do to sleepenabler.kext in /Extras/Extensions remove it and the caches and rerun kext tool
  9. Vanilla install on Dell Vostro 1510 - 1520

    Hard to say, I can only confirm that the 1397 does work. Not sure whats in my wifes Vostro 1510, I think it's a Dell 1395? and it works flawlessly as well. Does trackpad prefpane display when you are using these prefpanes? When I install them, I no longer have the trackpad prefpane that enabled tap click and scrolling. I am able to use both scrolling and tap click, I assume because the variables were set before replacing the prefpanes, but if I wanted to change them back (which is highly unlikely) I can not
  10. Vanilla install on Dell Vostro 1510 - 1520

    I guess that would depend on the model, however I would say compared to the ones I have used nearly identical with the exception of battery life (7 hrs on new mac books) and no light up Apple logo on the lid :-)
  11. Vanilla install on Dell Vostro 1510 - 1520

    What Dell model are you using?
  12. Vanilla install on Dell Vostro 1510 - 1520

    Sleep has always been an issue, even with a correct dsdt file which you can compile for yourself fairly easy if you google. Run the included about this mac.pkg to fix any improper system info.
  13. Vanilla install on Dell Vostro 1510 - 1520

    32 bit pref panes for what? The included keyboard and trackpad pref panes came with the VoodooPS2.kext to enable tap click and scrolling from your trackpad. If you don't need them I wouldn't worry about them....
  14. Vanilla install on Dell Vostro 1510 - 1520

    After installing repair permissions with the disk utility, and then install Chameleon. You can download the new version (RC3) or use the one included on the Snow Boot disk. Once you have that set up modify your com.apple.boot.plist with graphicsenabler=yes (or similar read chameleon documentation for actual syntax or look at my attached com.apple.boot.plist) for sound remove AppleHDA from /Extra/Extensions and /System/Library/Extensions, and then install VoodooHDA repair with Kext Utility and reboot..... Get rid of the sleepenabler.kext in /Extra or get version 2(I think) that should be what is causing kernel panic after update to 10.6.2 You should be able to rerun the included wireless script to re-enable wireless. If it works, keep it handy because you will need to do this after EVERY wireless update. It adds the Hardware ID's back into the io80211.kext so OS X can regognize your hardware. Not sure why QE/CI would stop workinh unless you were using Natit or similar for acceleration. My card is handled natively through Chameleon