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  1. While I can't say anything about the picture posted, I can personally vouch that the new iPhones will have the glossy black one-piece backs. I work for the TSA in San Jose International Airport (Cupertino isn't too far away) and today, while on X-Ray, I noticed a locked box with 3 iPhones that looked a little different, along with a crapload of wires. So I had someone tap me out so I could take the bag check. The guy told me that he needed a private screening since his NDA doesn't allow for the product to be seen by the general public. After opening the box, low and behold, glossy black goodness! He said that he's an iPhone tech and they were just "test iPhones." I was gonna take pics with my iPhone but the guy looked like he was gonna cry out of fear for losing his job if the NDA was broken.
  2. Live For Speed

    Does it work under CrossOver or Cider?
  3. Heads up on the New Canon 40D & Aperture

    Any update on this? I'm gonna get a 40D pretty soon.
  4. iPhone with 3G in 2008

    Ehh, no big deal. I'm never really too far from a hotspot.
  5. iPhone with 3G in 2008

    Now will current iPhone owners be able to upgrade to 3G with a firmware update?
  6. imac g3 "grape" flavor....purple...-_-

    My iMac G3 uses PC100/PC133 RAM.
  7. If I had a serial number for my Office:Mac 2008, does that stop the timer?
  8. Dead Intel iMac Help Please

    Maybe your RAM went bad somehow? Same thing happened to my old G3. I just replaced the RAM and it worked again.
  9. Overheating iMac G4

    Now would you say it's worth the risk? It's worth the risk to me, considering there are iMac G3's going for $60, and this G4 is only $40 more.
  10. Hey all. I am considering buying a secondhand iMac G4 800MHz for $100, but the previous owner says that it has an overheating problem to the point where it will go the the restart screen. I've read about Apple putting too little/too much thermal paste and was wondering if this is indeed the culprit. I would love to get it, but if it's not worth my time, I'd like to know before I've just wasted a C-note.
  11. Greatest Mac in History

    I would have to say the Bondi Blue iMac is the greatest Mac in history. It's really what put Apple out into the mainstream, and the marketing campaign was pretty damn successful. I'm actually thinking about buying one from someone just for the hell of it.
  12. Apps that work or dont work in leopard?

    Buggy: Transmission. It sometimes hangs when quitting. Works: Choosing how you want stacks to react when clicking on them (i.e. Fan or Grid)
  13. No more sound from speakers

    So the guys at MacFixIt helped me out with this issue. Apparently, there are some bad left-side I/O boards out there, which I unfortunately have. If you look into the headphone jack and there's a red light, that means that the computer thinks there's still something in there. It was something about the copper connection and the computer thinking there's a TOSLINK installed. All I had to do was repeated put in and remove the headphone jack until the red light disappears. It's really annoying, but at least it works.
  14. Things you don't like about 9a559

    I don't know if I'm the only one that has this annoyance, but when I open a stack that goes into the windowed view instead of the fan, the window moves around with the cons in the dock. Hopefully that made some kind of sense to someone.