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  1. Hi dionysossss and everyone Thanks for your how-to guide to make my x1600 pro working on hackintosh, That was pretty amaging. And last week I found the other way to get my card working with DVI support finally. Here you can download what i'm using. http://rapidshare.com/files/144119210/X160...y___.zip.htmlIt will give you a perfect result for your X1600 pro 256 (71c2) on both 10.5.1 & 10.5.2 But there is a problem. It works on 10.5.1 and 10.5.2 but it doesn't work on 10.5.3(4). I've tried different combinations of kexts but it doesn't work still So if someone could moddify those kexts for 10.5.3 or later, that would be awesome. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi guys! I successfully installed the kalyway1.5.1 on my pc with no problem and even got all of my parts work out of the box X1600pro and onboard parts on my 945GCMX-S3 with SATA, 1Gx2 667ram, c2d e4400. Well thank u all in this forum indeed. And BIG RESPECT for kaly and DUNE and guys' been working on this release! But there is one thing i wanna make it clear There are 2 partitions i can boot from on bootloader. I m sure that I ve created only 1 partition for leopard with diskutil to install it, but there are always 2 partitions up on bootloader.... One is the "Leopard" partition which i created for sure...ok but another one (i m sure i never create this one before) has no name and it doesn't even boot anything! I m guessing that the no-named partition would be the partition for vanilla efi??? now i have no idea about this cause i m too noob to understand those efi things... And it even make me confused cause i have to type 'vanilla' when boot leopard partition otherwise my network adapter doesn't work constantly......to boot with typing "vanilla", lan works flawlessly. I found this fix somewhere on the web but i forgot where.. Now what do u think is wrong? Did i miss something when installed leo? or i have to type "vanilla" at boot for ever????? ps -I've put the value "vanilla" below the "Kernel flags" key already, but that doesn't seem working properly Any hints? Thanks in advance
  3. This is what I was looking for... http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?t...33&tstart=0
  4. I've got the same error too. I have AC97 under my 10.4.9 + kernel8.8.9 system and Garageband worked perfectly before i updated it through the software update I'm not sure with your Sigmatel 9220 but at least with AC97 the new kernel seem to be not a problem at all. BTW, does anyone know how to uninstall it completely from the HDD?? I tried to reinstall it with original garageband.mpkg but then got error msg and i can't .. Does anyone know that? Any help would be appreciated
  5. I've got 1280x1024 resolution with on-board VIA/S3G UniChrome II on my PC. Use Terminal sudo su type your password and press enter cd /Library/Preferences/Systemconfiguration/ enter pico -w com.apple.Boot.plist enter now you can edit boot.plist, add: <key>Graphics Mode</key> <string>1280x1024x32@60</string> @60 depends on the display you use. I don't use @value and works just fine. but google it if you mind. x is as "x"yz Make sure your type has no mistake it must look like this press control + O(over write) and then control + X (exit) type exit, press enter shut down terminal reboot hope it works