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  1. yeh glad I went for the E6500 in the end, its fairly zippy. Glad sound is working now means I won't have to get a USB card!
  2. sleep works! SPDIF works! I installed the bracket, set it to digital out, then rebooted, went to youtube and could hear! EDIT: only one issue remains, the 8600GT is identified under Graphics enabled of myhack. However it only seems to find 256MB of ram when im 99% sure its 512mb. As I say not really much of issue, but maybe an issue when I try steam tonight, although to be fair the 8600GT is poo for games in windows anyway
  3. Well it's 32-bit HPET in BIOS, but OSX has picked up my 4GB ram and found the right 800mhz, it was 667mhz under myhack. I think I set it to 64-bit hept in bios on a couple of attempts. Maybe we could (I have time if someone can check it first?) to do a more detailed guide.... it's fresh in my mind, would be good to highlight bios screen settings. Shall I plug my spdif apdater in and see if it works? EDIT: How do I tell it to sleep?
  4. installed 32-bit over myhack and it booted up fine. What the Dickens is going on? what the fudge!!! Sound devices have popped now!!!
  5. will i have to remort to try this or just install over myhack?
  6. Nothing else is connected. The myhack way works, but ridgleine's installer KP everytime and the audio file he hosts installs but doesn't list any devices still. Anything wrong with using myhack only? Need to check cpu temps... ok after a bit more reading I think audio doesnt work because my HDEF section of my DSDT,aml file in /Extra isn't correct. I found a DSDT editor programme but I cannot seem to save the outcome as a DSDT.aml file.
  7. Yeh I did and everytime I run it nothing is listed under sound in system preferences.
  8. ok, I'm working! But no sound I used the myhack method to install, then installed myhac onto my SATA HDD, installed ridgeline's DSDT for the E6500 and it's ok, but no audio after installing your driver on 10.6.4. Paid a visit on tonymac forum and some guy has the same issue as me and he said audio is borked in 10.6.4 but it works in 10.6.3 So is there a fix for 10.6.4 or do I format again and don't upgrade to 10.6.4 or I suppose I could buy a usb sound card cheap?
  9. As soon as I use ridgeline's install it gameover, it kernal panics. Prior to using his install I have to use the USB drive to boot, as there is n bootloader to launch it before ridgeline.
  10. Found this on myHack site: NullCPUPowerManagement.kext Disables AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext – this extension is required until you have built a proper dsdt for your system. Without this or the dsdt your system will not boot (kernel panic). IMPORTANT NOTE: It is suggested that everyone use this kext for now even if your system runs fine without it. There is an unresolved issue with the way AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext handles HPET on non-apple hardware that causes the CPU to run much hotter than normal. This is the issue im facing. How do I install this kext?
  11. It completes, I see no option for a "graphics enabler"... is 2.3 the right one? Seems odd that I'm the only one getting kernal panics. I'm on bios F6 and have a rev 1.1 mainboard.
  12. Thanks guys for being so kind to me! Your the reason I picked this board, your still posting after nearly a year Did what you two said and I'm back! So do i install the ridgeline install but DO NOT tick anything to do with DSDT? Then NVKush for my 8600GT, then the sound thingy? Used your installer, but didnt tick anything from DSDT and I'm getting the same panic and error again. Any ideas? it's complaining about com.apple.driver.CPUManagement and CPU1 has no HPET assigned. Is there anyway to install the bootloader on it's own if this issue cannot be fixed for me? I could manually install the E6500 DSDT, bootloader, and sound. What else does the installer fix?
  13. im getting a "CPU1 has no HEPT assigned to it" I think its says something about com.apple.driver.AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement This is with an E6500 using the generic DST thingy as I dont now how to install the specific E6500 DST file outside the installer.
  14. will do, now re-installing (already started it before I saw your post)
  15. ok big problem. I install ridgleine installer, reboot then it keey flashing up to reboot my machine in that grey box. Twice this has happened now, whats wrong?