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  1. Need help installing Snow Leopard on P6T-SE

    I fixed it!!! I've been having the exact same issues with my p6t-se board and it nearly drove me nuts... What i did was - Fixing the IRQ problems in dsdt - Downgrade bios from 608 to 603 - Unplugged every usb port - Unplugged every sata port - Switched memory banks - Disabled almost everything in the bios But still it would hang at AppleRTL8169 etc etc... So i figured that if everything worked properly, what would be the next step for the boot loader to execute and show me the nice install screen. Logically this would be the videocard... So there must be some kind of video driver issue. I've got an old but still good functioning ati x1900xt, so i went into the /System/Library/Extensions dir and just deleted every ati driver that i could find with "rm -dfr ATI*" So I plugged the flashdrive back in and before i knew it the install screen just poped up So kungfupanda, if you're still folowing this topic, just try and delete all the ati drivers. "15min remaining" till i can enjoy snow leopard... Peace out, Sentiflex [EDIT] After you installed snow leopard you have to delete all the ati drivers again from the hard drive, or else you will just hear the welcome to snow leopard intro movie and don't see anything
  2. Jccool, my hero! Finally I can use my second display again! You totally made my day, got it working like a charm . Thanx man!