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  1. is there anyone who has trouble for reconizing FLASH plugin in SAFARI? after installing it didn't works with SAFARI...but well suit for firefox.. what's the problem?? can u give me a solution?
  2. I've installed using "tiger-x86-flat.img" with dd command from XP. my computer is the shuttle SB61G4, 40GB hard and ATI 9550 which well suited for x86. i have no problems listed others are suffering... such as only display in 1024mode and crash... however there are only one problem this img file creats only 6GB HFS space and trivial space about 32GB of my hard is no use. plz help .. to use entire harddrive space. i tried to activate free space using "disk utility" in OSX but it didn't work any format menu as well as split, Delete and other buttons.... plz help .. to use entire harddrive space by spliting harddrive (i don't want to use entire hard drive in one partion.. just split... )