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  1. Also check under "About tis Mac" whether your networkcard in en0. If it is listed as en1 it won't work. In that case You have to remove all networkadapters in systemsettings - network und also delete these 2 files: Networkinterfaces.plist & Perferences.plist They are located under library-perfrences-systemconfiguration. Reboot and ad your networkadapters again starting with the card you want to use for Internet access. Now it is en0. Had this problem yesterday and couldn't remember how I fixed it the last time. *Update concerning Sound* The patched dsdt solution together with ad2000b.kext version 12E47 is definetly working. Thanks again Mr Mag00 for the help.
  2. Hi Mr Mag00 could You please tell me in a step by step guide how you managed to get the sound working. I've got a P5Q Deluxe too. Now the card is being recognized in About this mac but the sound icon stays greyed out. I somewhere make a mistake but I've no idea where..... Thanks!!!! *UPDATE* It's working!!!!! 5h, 3 messed up dsdts 2 fresh installs and a lot of my nervs later it's working. But I just realized, that the input is not working. Is Yours??? I only have digital input...
  3. Did you get your sound working with voodoo or another solution? *Update* I got the dsdt solution working. except I still don't have any input. But all outputs are working....
  4. For a not perfect solution but at least for stereo output working use Voodoohda. It sometimes makes a few probs but you have stereo. I hope someone will find a better solution.
  5. Hi guys, I've tried this but without any luck.... Any other ideas???
  6. Hi I also just installed 10.9 on my P5Q Deluxe. Everything is working just fine, except one problem. I can't get my sound working. My old kexts that have been working since 10.7 lead to a boot freeze on Thanks in advance!10.9. Does someone have a solution????? Thanks in advance!
  7. Lenovo S12 ion (NVIDIA) 10.6.6 GUDE

    You are a genius. Thanks a lot!!!!!
  8. Lenovo S12 ion (NVIDIA) 10.6.6 GUDE

    Hi everyone - long time no see After running a perfect 10.6.6 -Thanks to you guys- I tried to update too and failed like revomac with a spinning bootlogo. Afterwards I read carlitosx's post.... @ carlitosx: Did you already post your new kernel and sound files??? Or did you even finish your new guide? I tried searching but I just found this old one.
  9. P5Q Deluxe with 10.7.1

    And it's me again. Now the shutdown is working - thanks, but if I'm using your Asus Sound kexts my system just says no audio device found... I copied them to S/L/E... Thanks for any ideas... UPDATE: Thanks again - they are working - I just had to use kext helper
  10. P5Q Deluxe with 10.7.1

    Thanks a lot - it works like a charm. One more thing - right now I'm using voodoohda to get the green output working. Do you have another solution, because I'd love to get the input working. Also I just read your comment in this topic: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p;#entry1751122 Is your Sleep and Shutdown working? When I shut down my computer still stay on, meaning the lights are still. Only if I hold the power button down it turns off completely. Thanks again.
  11. P5Q Deluxe with 10.7.1

    Hi everyone, I hope someone can help me. By now I have an almost perfect system running - except the network. My specs: Asus P5Q Deluxe, 8GB Ram, Intel Quad Q9550, ATI 5850 1GB I tried every kext I could find, but everytime my system didn't boot anymore. So now I hope that someone managed to get at least one of the ports working. Thanks for any ideas!!!
  12. Hi everyone, I'm giving up. After searching for 2 hours without any success I decided to ask you. Actually I have no idea what to use as a search string... Here is my problem: I just did a fresh install of Lion and now if I open finder I have these 3 little rectangles behind two of my partitions. They are NTFS partitions on one hdd. Strangely the NTFS partitions on my other hdd don't show them. I also posted a screenshot for better understanding. Please help. Thanks!
  13. Lenovo S12 ion (NVIDIA) 10.6.6 GUDE

    Hi HNO3, thanks for your help. I'm wondering by now whether it really is a kernel panic. During backup my S12 gets really hot.So it might also be a temperature shutdown. Is there any tool that can read the temprature of my atom under osx?!? I already tried a couple of them. Some didn't show any results other only showed my hdd temperature. But none could read my processor. Do you know one?
  14. Lenovo S12 ion (NVIDIA) 10.6.6 GUDE

    And me again with 2 more questions. Number 1: If I rename the svn version and replace the original one will that work? That way one would save typing the command in chameleon. Number 2: I downloaded as you recommended the original RC4 and extracted it. In it under /i386 I found a file called boot. But in finder the RC5 version is an exectutable unix-file but the RC4 version is a document?!? Is this the right file? By the way I found a very strange error. On my other hackintosh I'm using CCC Carbon Copy Cloner to create backups. It helped a lot when I somehow crashed my systemwhith wrong kexts broken bootloader etc. So I tried it on my Lenovo too. But my Lenovo always crashes when using it. You know grey screen saying you have to restart your computer. So I switched to superdumper, but that doesn't work either. I'm getting the same gry screen. Do you have any ideas why? THX.
  15. Lenovo S12 ion (NVIDIA) 10.6.6 GUDE

    I would love to help but I really have no idea of dsdt patching Sorry... and again thx. By the way are you recommending to use your experimental DSDT (SVN)? Untill now I'm still using the old one.