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  1. chenjau

    What's the problem with NVS 140m?

    look this: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=117269 if darwin detect this 140m right . why not T61's nvs 140M? i think the chipest is the same . different is in bios. maybe modify something in t61's bios will solve this.
  2. chenjau

    GeForce 8400 M GS Laptop

    hello ,turn off the "beam sync" option,and try again. easy way :use a small tool from xcode package,it's a long time so i forgot the name,sorry. or you may try this code in your terminal window: sudo -s [type your password] chmod -R 755 beamsync chown -R root:wheel beamsync ./beamsync -d reboot your box,then you have it .
  3. chenjau

    Need suggestions for NVS140M investigations

    hi, all. I think the key is different between thinkpad nvs140m and dell nvs140m.maybe in bios. if kytzu is right , what make dell being detected correct, but thinkpad's being detected wrong. this is interesting.
  4. in ATI bios editor only 640x480,800x600,1024x768,1280x1024 are listed.how to change refresh rate of other resolutions(like 1280x960)?my monitor can't work under 1280x1024. thanks
  5. chenjau

    How to Hide Harddisk icon in desktop?

    Thanks VaiOSX ,It's work well by use Disk Utility:D
  6. I dont want to see the disk which windowsXP installed on desktop,How to hide this ? Thanks
  7. hey,JaS,I had try to compile the source.looked into the error message,I found some file miss list: xfuncproto.h , xf86str.h , xf86fbman.h ,xaa.h ,mibank.h ,xf86cursor.h ,xf86pci.h xf86resources.h . I think we need those file first , with have those files, c->cpp and find errors could be done. I have not program drivers before ,But I know c and c++ and programming in windows for a long time .So I can help to compile ,c->cpp ,debug.now I want to take a top view of the source . sorry for my bad english
  8. that's Great,JaS. I viewed this source code ,it's just a skeleton now ,We need add code to make this to work ,right? dont care about fail or not ,just enjoy it:D
  9. maybe there is no hope,sadly.
  10. chenjau

    Windows Freezes

    same here , I bet this is not a windows xp problem , Maybe the time changes cause this problem ,Just my thought
  11. chenjau

    HOW to install a chinese input

    yes, pearpc method , if you follow this step by step ,i am sure you will get it work . chenjau
  12. chenjau

    HOW to install a chinese input

    xiongdi !!! I could use chinese input ,but apps always crash .
  13. I think you shall check your hardware first ,some chips can't work . search forum here you will get the answer. and you mounted the iso using daemon-tools and set vmware use physical dvd-rom you mounted? good luck;) Chenjau
  14. My english is bad ,so maybe I can't understand well ,But I'll tell you what I do. after finishing install in vmware , I turn vmware off not restart,and restart my real computer ,and let mac boot from real disk I have , It's working perfectly, I'm not sure the vmware drivers were taking or weren't taking in mac system By using this way. I hope this could be some help to you,domino.
  15. I mount the DVD-image to a virtual CD use daemon-tools ,and set vmware to use physical disk .It's Working!